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Marketing in China: How to Use Private Traffic to Tap the Power of KOCs

By | December 6th, 2019|Categories: E-commerce, Influencer Marketing, KOL Marketing, Marketing Strategy, WeChat|

Private traffic is one of the biggest buzzwords in Chinese marketing right now, and figuring out how brands can apply it could make all the difference in 2020. By understanding what exactly this esoteric concept refers to, who is using it and how it works, brands can start winning the private traffic strategy game and unleashing the latent influence of

Case Studies of Double Eleven Every Marketer Should See

By | December 3rd, 2019|Categories: E-commerce|

Although Double Eleven has come to an end, Double Twelve is close at hand, and then there is  Christmas, New Years ... the end of the year is always the busiest time for marketers. In order to better prepare for the end of the year, PARKLU summarized the hottest methods and also the case studies of Double Eleven this year.

KOL Diaries VOL.2 | @kaka_lam:Watching the Shows at Fashion Week

By | November 27th, 2019|Categories: Influencer Marketing, KOL Marketing, Marketing Strategy|

【KOL Diaries】 Here you can see how bloggers work, learn about their lives away from social media platforms and even gain insight into their private spaces. Behind those viral videos and stylish photos,  what are they really like? Are they as glamorous, fun and free in their personal lives as they are on social media?                  Fashion

Boys and Beauty: Male Beauty Influencers in China

By | November 26th, 2019|Categories: Beauty, Gen Z, Influencer Marketing, KOL Marketing, Live Streaming, Marketing Strategy|Tags: , , , |

If you live in China or spend a lot of time there, you’ll have noticed the increasing prominence of male beauty products. You might have seen ad campaigns featuring male models wearing concealer or eyeliner, or young male commuters wearing full makeup on the subway. This barely scratches the surface of a trend that’s taking the beauty industry in China

Three Tactics KOL Marketers Can Spot Fake Followers Before It’s Too Late

By | November 18th, 2019|Categories: Influencer Marketing, KOL Marketing, Marketing Strategy|

The recent controversy over a case of an alleged KOL and a multi-channel network (MCN) agency manipulating account data has caused a stir in marketing circles. The MCN agency helped the entrepreneur get a verified “Big V” influencer account with over 3 million followers, and the KOL's campaign video received several million views and was shared thousands of times. In

10 KOL Marketing Trends in China for 2020

By | November 8th, 2019|Categories: Douyin, E-commerce, Gen Z, Influencer Marketing, KOL Marketing, Live Streaming, Marketing Strategy, Micro-influencers, WeChat|

With 2019 rapidly drawing to a close, brands and marketers should be looking ahead to 2020 and formulating plans for getting ahead of the curve. Here are ten KOL marketing trends we’re keeping tabs on in China for the coming year.   1. Influencer marketing will be more popular—and more effective KOLs aren’t going anywhere in the coming year. The