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Niche Influencer Categories on the Rise in China

By | April 3rd, 2020|Categories: Influencer Marketing|

There’s no doubt that people both in China and all around the world have been spending far more time at home than usual recently. Inevitably, that means people are spending more time with their phones. During this year’s Spring Festival celebrations in China, screentime was up by 26 percent compared with the figure for 2019, according to mobile big data platform

What Brands Need to Know About WeChat Channels Marketing?

By | March 23rd, 2020|Categories: Marketing Strategy, WeChat, WeChat Channels|

Recently, many WeChat users received invitations to start creating short-videos on WeChat's new Channels feature. We had written an article "WeChat Channels: will the new feature disrupt short-video incumbents" , but since then, one of PARKLU's writers, who is also a WeChat KOL, Grace Tao has been testing the waters. In this piece, she shares her personal experience with the

How have KOLs & Brands Responded to Coronavirus?

By | March 17th, 2020|Categories: Influencer Marketing, Live Streaming|

China is gradually going back to work, but the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has left the country reeling. Throughout this sensitive period, KOLs and brands have had to adopt cautious strategies. Most importantly, marketers have had to be careful to use an appropriate tone. Anything that looked or sounded like downplaying the suffering that millions of people have

What China’s KOL Bubble Means for KOLs & Brands

By | March 9th, 2020|Categories: Gen Z, KOL Marketing|

The KOL bubble is real. The number of KOLs has ballooned over the past few years, and with it, more than 5,000 Multi-Channel Networks (MCNs) have emerged acting as a bridge between the client and a KOL. Supply and demand dictate that the KOL bubble would mean the fees KOLs charge would go down, but generally, this is not the case.

Most Popular Chinese Short-video Apps in 2020

By | February 26th, 2020|Categories: Bilibili, Douyin, KOL Marketing, Marketing Strategy|

With the short video industry very much in the limelight, there have been gains for all kinds of content verticals within the various Chinese short-video apps. Everyone is tipping 2020 to be the year of the short-video, but with so many Chinese short-video apps to choose from, how should brands use the format to market their products? Will they find

KOL Diary VOL. 6 | @jennynui: Dreamcatcher who strives hard for her dream

By | February 25th, 2020|Categories: KOL Marketing|

【KOL Diaries】 Here you can learn how bloggers work, learn about their lives away from social media platforms and even gain insight into their private spaces. Behind those viral videos and stylish photos, what are they really like? Are they as glamorous, fun and free in their personal lives as they are on social media?   A writer who doesn’t