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PARKLU enables you to establish relationships with premier Chinese KOLs, launch large-scale campaigns, and use data-driven analytics to measure real-time results.

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PARKLU seamlessly integrates analytics to help you quantify your brand’s impact. Our dashboard makes it easy to determine KOL media value and engagement. From share of voice to competitive benchmarking, we have the data you need to bolster your success in the China market!

Campaign Set-Up

Campaign briefs can be easily customized, giving you the ability to set guidelines, provide post inspiration, and approve content before it’s posted. Want some advice? Our platform subscription includes dedicated account managers to advise you on your campaign strategies.

KOL Engagement

Receive hundreds of KOL applications to your campaign within 24 hours. Our community of KOLs is always growing daily, ranging from micro to top-tier influencers. Verified KOLs explore brand collaborations available on PARKLU’s mobile app and WeChat mini program.

KOL Selection

KOLs interested in your campaign will be displayed on your account dashboard. Use individual KOL metrics to decide which KOLs are best for your campaign! When you think you’ve found the perfect group of KOLs, confirm your influencer collaborations through our platform.

KOL Confirmation

We let you negotiate payment directly with KOLs to ensure full transparency in pricing. After finalizing costs, PARKLU will invoice you for the campaign, holding influencer payments in escrow until the campaign is complete.

Campaign Activation

Keep tabs on posts your influencers make, and review draft posts before they go live. Want to encourage a certain creative direction? Coordinate with KOLs and provide them with the content inspiration they need.

Reporting & Tracking

After your campaign finishes, our all-in-one dashboard provides you with a quantitative summary of results. Evaluate campaign performance through audience engagement, and determine which KOLs performed best for your brand.
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