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Luxury Brand’s China Influencer Marketing Performance | Episode 6

Hello everyone! Welcome back to our video series – where we use PARKLU‘s big data to analyze what’s trending on China’s social media in the areas of fashion, beauty, fitness, food, travel, & more.

Over the past decade, social media has become tremendously influential to China’s luxury fashion industry. Currently, 82 percent of luxury consumers consider themselves heavy social media users.  In this episode, we will focus on the influencer marketing and social media performance of some of the top luxury brands.

WeChat still holds it’s dominance as the most important messenger app in China, and by extension, influencer propelled brand engagement is extremely important. So hat off to Balenciaga and Céline for their involvement in the top performing post on the platform from @悦享旅者. Her WeChat post introduced her favourite pink luxury products to match the cherry blossom blooms of spring. Her favourite products included luxury beauty products, handbags, underwear, accessories and clothing. All of the luxury products had shocking pink design elements like Balenciaga’s pink Crocs and a candy pink dress from Céline. The WeChat post received more than 100,0000 reads and 6,524 likes.

Weibo still holds the title for best social media network in China and arguably the most important platform for luxury brands. In a short video published on Weibo, fashion and beauty blogger @大佬甜er shared her top luxury buys and latest fashion trends for the spring. She shared makeup products, clothes, and featured a purse from Gucci. @大佬甜er improved the posts engagement with a lucky draw product giveaway. The post received 4,838 reposts, 2,280 comments, and 6,895 likes.

When it comes to retailtainment, Xiaohongshu stands out as the obvious win for luxury brands in China. @深夜徐老师’s post on Xiaohongshu (RED) featured the daily fashion trends of China’s top youth idols. Even though she talked about hot topics like celebrities and luxury brands including Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Balenciaga, it was her humorous take that struck a cord with followers. The post received 4,532 likes, 724 comments, and 2,883 favourites.

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