Increase LTV and Lower CAC by Retaining Chinese Customers

When it comes to brand survival, a good quality product can certainly go a long way, but without loyal Chinese customers, it can only go so far. And unfortunately for brands, attracting loyal customers has never been more difficult, thanks to the ever-intensifying competition between companies with direct-to-consumer models and

The Truth About KOLs’ Impact on China E-commerce Sales

Brands want to see results when they embark on working with KOLs, which is why it can be disheartening when expensive marketing efforts result in low sales generation—at least, at first glance. The statistics are gloomy: when a KOL with 1 million followers on Weibo posts about a product, they,

WeChat Mini-Programs Revolutionising KOL Sales Campaigns

Over the past year, we have frequently mentioned the emerging phenomenon of Chinese KOL brands — KOLs who turn the traditional sponsored-post model of KOL sales campaigns on their head by manufacturing and selling their own products specifically created for their audience. This model proved extremely effective last 11.11 Singles

Weibo and WeChat KOL Marketing Costs

You can’t deny Weibo and WeChat KOL marketing in China is red hot. For any brand hoping to succeed in China, KOLs are hands-down the best method out there. Yet many brands don't work with them because Weibo and WeChat KOL marketing costs are a total enigma. Brands can’t make heads or tails

China Influencer Marketing CPM vs. China SMS Marketing CPM

In marketing, the cost of 1000 impressions is a key method of pricing ads, and brands have several ways to gauge China influencer marketing CPM. The medium is the message: Impressions on social platforms can't be compared directly to SMS or email views. Nevertheless, we can begin to understand the

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