What is an influencer, or key opinion leader (KOL)?

China influencers are called many names including KOLs, daren, hongren, and wanghong. We define an influencer as someone with a significant group of fans and impression listed in the table below.

Weibo WeChat Douyin Xiaohongshu Meipai Youku Meilimeizhuang Yingke Yizhibo Nice
50,000+ Fans 1,000+ Views  50,000+ Fans 5,000+ Fans 1,000+ Fans 1,000+ Fans 1,000+ Fans 10,000+ Fans 10,000+ Fans 5,000+ Fans

What do I get with my PARKLU subscription?

Check out this 90-second video if you haven’t yet!

How much do influencers charge?

Influencers set their own rates and make in-kind product requests according to your campaign guidelines. Agencies and brands can negotiate directly with influencers using the platform’s direct chat. For reference fees, you can check out our KOL Budget Calculator

How does PARKLU make money?

We generate revenue with our annual subscription and campaign-based platform fee. The basic subscription plan starts at RMB 100,000 (US$15,000) per annum for one brand. One subscription includes 3 users logins. For agency subscriptions involving more than one brand, please contact sales@parklu.com for more details.

Do you offer a free trial?

We thought you might ask! Brands and agencies that want to test-drive PARKLU can sign up here

Can I have a list of your influencers that you work with?

Sifting through a list of thousands of influencers doesn’t sound very fun – you deserve better! Just post a campaign and see what kinds of influencers are interested in your brand. If you are a consumer lifestyle brand – whether fashion, beauty, health & wellness, travel or parenting – you’ll discover the right ones for your campaigns with PARKLU.

How are influencer payments handled?

PARKLU provides the full payment solution for brands and influencers. The agency or brand pays PARKLU before campaigns start, and PARKLU distributes payments to influencers after posting. We handle the official invoice arrangements with the influencers.

What does your platform track?

PARKLU’s dashboard tracks impressions, clicks, and more. It also tracks click-throughs and sales conversions.

What does PARKLU stand for?

PARKLU is Chinese-English for Park Avenue. “Lu” means “street” in Chinese. Our “Chinglish” roots reflect our global point-of-view and emphasis on local discovery.

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