How Do Brands Open Douyin And Xiaohongshu Stores?

A few years ago, it may have been enough for a brand to run its China e-commerce operation via a Tmall and shopfront, with a WeChat mini-program to take care of social media. In 2021, that’s no longer the case, as both the social media and e-commerce landscapes have

China Influencer Campaign Case Study: Proya’s Bubble Mask

Proya’s Bubble Mask has epitomized the potential of social media marketing and social commerce in a way few other products have in recent years. The quirky mask’s runaway success is an outstanding example of how brands can deploy a multi-pronged marketing strategy to create incredible demand for a new product,

Top Douyin Marketing Tips for F&B Brands

Eating is an obsession in China, and that’s reflected in the abundance of food and drink content on Chinese social media platforms—especially Douyin. Brands in the F&B space can capitalize on the popularity of their niche if they approach KOL marketing the right way. Let’s take a look at some

Most Popular Chinese Short-video Apps in 2021

With the short video industry very much in the limelight, there have been gains for all kinds of content verticals within the various Chinese short-video apps. Everyone is tipping 2021 to be the year of the short-video, but with so many Chinese short-video apps to choose from, how should brands

10 KOL Marketing Trends in China for 2021

With 2020 rapidly drawing to a close, brands and marketers should be looking ahead to 2021 and formulating plans for getting ahead of the curve. Here are ten KOL marketing trends we’re keeping tabs on in China for the coming year. 1. Influencer marketing will be more popular—and more effective

In-video Search: A New Opportunity for Influencer Marketing on Douyin?

Video-sharing app Douyin (known as TikTok outside China) is trialling a new function that allows users to perform in-video search. Some observers have raised concerns about how in-video search function, combined with the facial recognition technology built into the system, could be detrimental to users’ privacy. Marketers, meanwhile, will be

Will Douyin Survive? The Drawbacks of Viral Video Apps

Viral video sharing app Douyin (known internationally as TikTok) has been among China’s most talked about social platforms of the past year or two. Yet amid all the hype, some are voicing doubts about viral video apps' long-term prospects as China's social video landscape undergoes future shifts. Douyin's popularity is Undeniable

6 Chinese Social Media Apps Marketers Should Use in 2021

We’ve already reached that time of year when we start making predictions and setting strategies for the Chinese social media apps marketers should use in 2021. Around this time last year, we published a list of five apps marketers should use in 2018 and it was fairly accurate with 3

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