KOL Diaries VOL.9 | @Lily: A week in the life of designer and KOL

  Fashion designer and blogger @李玄 Lily (Li Xuan) shares in our 9th installment of KOL Diaries how she balances her schedule between work, play, and being a mother.   Fashion Blogger | @李玄Lily Place: Shanghai Occupation: Fashion Designer&Blogger Platforms: Weibo, WeChat, Oasis, Xiaohongshu A graduate from the Department of Fashion Design

E-Commerce Content Marketing: A 2020 China Trend

Weibo recently announced that its native live streaming platform, Yizhibo, will be rolling out Taobao integration. While the development is big news in its own right, it also underscores the momentum driving e-commerce content marketing and what is going to define media, marketing, and retail trends for China in 2020.

What is Tmall & Taobao Influencer Marketing?

If there's one event of the year that makes marketing on Tmall and Taobao a no-brainer, it's Singles' Day. Brands that participated in the Singles' Day Global Shopping Festival under Alibaba Group last year were in for a treat—the annual discount holiday reached a whopping 213.5 billion RMB in total

Search Engine Optimisation in China Utilising a KOL Strategy

While KOL marketing is a powerful tool, the glut of content on social media means sponsored posts tend to be a flash in the pan. Efforts are especially fleeting when brands haven’t developed a KOL strategy that extends to search engine optimisation in China. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SSO (Social

New Chinese Social Media Platforms’ Rules Raise KOL Marketing Costs

KOL marketing is hot in China, and it's only getting hotter. Local consultancy Analysys International projected that the China influencer economy will be worth over $15.5 billion this year. From frequently talked-about Weibo and WeChat KOLs, to those on other smaller Chinese social media platforms such as Meipai, Xiaohongshu, and

Weibo and WeChat KOL Marketing Costs

You can’t deny Weibo and WeChat KOL marketing in China is red hot. For any brand hoping to succeed in China, KOLs are hands-down the best method out there. Yet many brands don't work with them because Weibo and WeChat KOL marketing costs are a total enigma. Brands can’t make heads or tails

Weibo is NOT China’s Twitter!

Western media and some "China experts" need to stop referring to Weibo as China’s Twitter clone. While Weibo might have started out as China’s Twitter when it launched in 2009, it has transformed itself into something completely different than its predecessor. In the process, it’s absorbed features from many different

Total Guide to KOL Media Posts & Paid Weibo Advertising

If you’re paying for KOL media posts on Weibo to promote your brand, should you also pay an additional fee for Weibo advertising to promote their posts? While your first reaction is probably “No, why would I do that? Isn’t that what we’re hiring the KOL for?” the correct answer is a

Weibo Stories: The Good, Bad and the Ugly Features

Weibo Stories function is an exciting addition to the platform that Sina-Weibo is heavily promoting. However, it is still in its early stages in terms of reach and engagement, and a bit unoriginal. As more users start understanding how to utilize and incorporate stories into their content mix, should we

10 New Rules for a Weibo KOL

According to PARKLU's insider source at Weibo, KOL surveys, and independent testing, the following 10 rules have been enacted on Weibo. These affect all Weibo KOL marketing campaigns. 1. E-commerce links, outside Alibaba properties, must go directly to a product page. *No landing page links* 2. KOL accounts need to

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