China 2021 KOL Marketing Event Calendar

The new year is coming rapidly into view, and for marketers, there’s no time to pause to reflect on the canceled events, improvisations, and pivots to digital that defined this year, dominated as it has been by the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the biggest takeaways from the pandemic has been

Double 11 2020: What Brands and Marketers Need to Know

Alibaba’s Double 11 2020 events racked up a record-breaking RMB 498 billion  in sales this year, almost doubling last year’s total. KOLs and celebrity influencers played a key role in driving sales to those new heights, with brands spending more than ever on partnerships. The main reason this year’s sales

E-Commerce Live Streaming in 2021: Lessons from 2020

Live streaming in 2020 was already a huge business particularly in e-commerce, but the COVID-19 pandemic only caused the format’s stock to rise to new heights. When stores were shuttered and in-person activities ground to an abrupt halt in China from late January and into the spring, brands turned to

Live-streaming Scams & Struggles in China

The allure of live-streaming e-commerce in China is undeniable, and the COVID-19 pandemic only amplified the trend. The format has exploded in popularity across all customer segments and demographics. Essentially, every major social platform now has live-streaming features with seamless e-commerce integration. Most brand marketers are salivating because star live-streamers are claiming to sell thousands

Six Can’t Miss Chinese E-commerce Livestreaming Platforms

Chinese e-commerce livestreaming platforms are on fire. On the evening of April 1st, while Viya sold a rocket – yes, a space rocket – on a Taobao livestream, Smartisan CEO Luo Yonghao hosted his first livestream e-comerce sale on Douyin. Luo’s three-hour livestream racked up RMB 110 million in sales,

8 Pitfalls of Social Selling via Live Streaming in China

A good portion of social selling energy is now focused on live streaming in China. Brands are lining up to collaborate with top live streamers like Viya (Huang Wei) and Austin Li Jiaqi. Those endorsements come with a heavy price tag, so are these expensive campaigns worth it? The informed

Q&A: 10 Things to Know About Marketing with Xiaohongshu KOLs

Xiaohongshu (小红书), which literally translates as “little red book”,  has experienced a few twists and turns over the past year and Xiaohongshu marketing has been a hot topic. After the platform was pulled from Chinese app stores in July 2019, the effect was staggering—monthly active users fell from 93 million

8 Ways E-Commerce Influencers Court Consumers in China

For most brands, e-commerce influencers are the gatekeepers to e-commerce success in China. Marketing teams can try to go it alone, combining content with community building to draw traffic to their own channels, but many will find their attempts yield disappointing returns. KOLs, on the other hand, give a brand

What Drives Live-Streaming Sales in China?

Just as China sets the world's pace in e-commerce, it's doing the same for live streaming. Live streaming in China is the “go-to” option for Chinese consumers when seeking out new products and deciding on what to buy. While it is an essential part of consumer awareness, live streamers can also become PR nightmares. Today

The Future Of Influencer Marketing Is In China

Influencer Marketing:  Beyond The Hype China’s influencer marketing industry is three to five years ahead of the rest of the world. The advanced functionality and integration of social media, e-commerce, and digital payment in China have enabled business models that are yet to be explored in other countries. However, global

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