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8 Ways E-Commerce Influencers Court Consumers in China

For most brands, e-commerce influencers are the gatekeepers to e-commerce success in China. Marketing teams can try to go it alone, combining content with community building to draw traffic to their own channels, but many will find their attempts yield disappointing returns. KOLs, on the other hand, give a brand

The Dark Side of Being a Wanghong in China

Body positivity is a massive trend in the fashion and cosmetics industries in the US, UK, and Australia. Western women are fighting back against unrealistic advertising, and brands are listening. They are in turn changing their messaging to uplift consumers instead of taking advantage of their insecurities. Much of this

Tactics China Wanghong Use to Connect with Fans

Wanghong create awesome content, but so do ad agencies. Therefore, it makes sense to ask what tactics do China wanghong use to connect with fans that set them apart when it comes to marketing results.  In short, it’s the connection wanghong have with their fans. Wanghong’s relationship with their fans

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