Why Does Influencer Marketing Work So Well With Chinese Consumers?

When marketers and brands come to China, they're often blown away by the record-breaking numbers that always seem to be in the headlines for influencer success stories. From live-streaming phenom Viya helping Kim Kardashian sell out of 15,000 KKW fragrances in just five minutes, to beauty influencer Li Jiaqi selling

Big Brands Use Douyin to Reach China’s Gen Z Consumers

As the major Chinese social media platforms Weibo and WeChat become saturated and give users declining organic reach while charging increasingly large sums for advertising, big brands are starting to turn to smaller platforms like Douyin for social media campaigns that target China's Gen Z consumers. Douyin is a

How 6 Successful Brands are Marketing to Chinese Millennials

There’s no shortage of content about marketing to Chinese millennials. As post-90s consumers replace those from the 70s and 80s as the big prize demographic, brands are starting to see how old ways of advertising aren't just ineffective, but counterproductive.     Because Chinese Millennials have a unique way of

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