How Are Chinese Travel Influencers Handling COVID-19?

Few industries have been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic as hard as tourism. Anxiety over the virus has undermined some of the assumptions the travel industry relies on. Consumers are understandably reticent about airports, flights, and crowds. Travel restrictions and tightened visa policies have made travel less convenient, and in

Geo-tagged Content: An Understated Location Marketing Tactic!

Geo-tagged content is set to be one of the defining trends for location marketing in the coming years—and it's not even on the radar of many marketers. Location-based content and search are rising in importance all over the world. In the West, this is happening principally via Google Maps. In

How One Travel Agency Created an Influencer from Scratch

I believe many brands are missing a big opportunity in the age of Chinese social media. They are not connecting with their customers by providing value first via educational and entertaining content that builds communities. Influencers are filling that gap. Providing value first is deep-seated in Chinese culture and one

5 Ways To Hike KOL Advertising To Chinese Travellers

KOL advertising in China began as a small experiment a few years ago and has turned into a $8 billion industry. The tourism sector, in particular, has made a massive transformation from billboard-and-commercial advertising to using social media influence via KOL advertising. Of course, the most ideal, cost-effective KOL advertising strategy

China Cross Border E-commerce: The 8-Point Consumer Journey

How do you get China cross border e-commerce consumers to notice your product? The road to an online purchase is tricky for overseas brands and we sat down with our secret weapon to figure it out: PARKLU's in-house shopping expert and account director Jessie Kang. Speaking from personal experience, she

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