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Skincare Brands’ China Influencer Marketing Performance | Episode 8

Skincare products are of particular interest to China’s rapidly expanding middle class. We continue to see skin care products occupy a greater proportion of the overall cosmetics market. Many brands have figured out that beauty KOLs are key to increasing their brand value and awareness across social media, e-commerce, and even offline. For instance, the top ranking skincare brand Shiseido regularly collaborates with a multitude of KOLs at offline events. 

Whether it be international or domestic brands, Xiaohongshu has become the preferred online space for fashion and beauty KOLs to talk about the product they love. China domestic skincare brands have seen a substantial rise in recent years, and more and more KOLs are begging to share their feelings about the use of domestic skincare products. This month, @陈白羊’s post about Chinese skincare brand Unifon was the top performing post among skincare brands on Xiaohongxu. The post received 1,934 likes, 1,453 comments, and 1,015 favorites. 

On WeChat, KOLs’ general awareness of European and American skincare brands such as Kiehl’sAveneL’Occitane and Clinique far outpaces local Chinese and Korean-based brands. Fashion and beauty blogger @官小炜Hellen shared in a WeChat post several skincare products that she used on a recent vacation. The brands mentioned include Kiehl’s, Sulwhasoo, and L’Occitane. The post received more than 20K reads and 1,053 likes.

For’s 6.18 shopping festival, many KOLs shared their personal shopping lists with their fans. Beauty blogger @Fairy菲宝 ‘s Weibo post contained several skincare and haircare products from L’Occitane. L’Occitane claimed first place on Weibo for the highest interaction rates for the month. The post received 1,027 reposts, 1,060 comments, and 2,047 likes.

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