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Apparel Brand’s China Influencer Marketing Performance | Episode 7

Hello everyone! Welcome back to our video series – where we use PARKLU’s big data to analyze what’s trending on China’s social media in the areas of fashion, beauty, fitness, food, travel, & more.

E-commerce and social media have totally revolutionized the fashion industry in China. Brands created on social media by KOLs have seeming come out of nowhere to positions of notable esteem. @张大奕eve and @雪梨Cherie are two of the top KOLs with fashion brands that are changing the game. But there are still plenty of fast-fashion brands like ZARA, H&M that continue to hold there positions of dominance and maintain buzz worthy among KOLs.

KOL awareness of fast-fashion brands and athletic fashion brands is far ahead of many other brands. Fashion and parenting blogger @MK凉凉 mentioned brands like ZARA, MANGO, and PEACE BIRD in a post on maternity fashion. She also announced a lucky draw at the end of the post to increase the post’s interactions. The post received 100,000+ total reads and 3,428 likes.

As the KOL industry continues to evolve, a rising trend among China’s celebrities is to joined the KOL camp on social media. @欧阳娜娜Nana  now posts daily on Xiaohongshu’s social e-commerce app mentioning brands like Nike and Vans. To take one of the top spot this month, she crafted a post with a lucky draw give away. The post received 5,597 likes, 4,618 comments, and 1,484 favorites.

From the perspective of the social media impressions, Athletic brands and KOL brands dominate on Weibo. To celebrate her brand fifth anniversary, fashion blogger and KOL brand owner @小刘小粒赵大喜 launched a Weibo give away campaign. The post received 21,763 reposts, 10,861 comments, and 11,904 likes.

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