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Male Beauty and Fashion KOLs Female’s Favorite | Episode 5

Hello everyone! Welcome back to our video series – where we use PARKLU’s big data to analyze what’s trending on China’s social media in the areas of fashion, beauty, fitness, food, travel, & more.

For years now, foreign cosmetic and skincare brands have been collaborating with female KOLs to reach their target customers. But if you believe that only female KOLs appeal to the young female demographic, then you are sorely mistaken and might be missing some great collaboration opportunities.

In China, some of the biggest KOLs in women fashion and beauty are actually males. The vast majority of womens’ fashion focused blogger @gogoboi, are, well…women. He has a keen eye for fashion and mixes it up with content series on things like skincare test reports. When it comes to women’s purses, @Bags包先生 (aka Mr. Bags) leads the pack. Mr. Bags because quite popular in the media after he collaborated with Givenchy to design and sell his own limited edition bags on Valentine’s Day and sold out in just a few minutes. But, both Mr. Bags and Gogoboi are famous for collaborating with luxury purse brands and selling out in minutes.

This march, @雅诗兰黛Estee Lauder chose @盛一伦 to be the spokesman for its new product Perfectionist Pro. Estee Lauder also invited fashion icon @李铭泽 to the product’s launch part. Their joint effort promoting on social media helped the brand reach nearly 40 million in earned media value for the month.

Maybelline’s new matte foundation Fit Me took over Weibo with its “Don’t change me, fit me” slogan. In addition to the support of young super star celebrity @William陈伟霆 Maybelline collaborated with several male KOLs on Weibo, including @张欣尧zxy, @摄影师童梦 , and @MR小茂. Maybelline’s earned media value surpassed 12M RMB in March.

But it’s not just Fashion and Beauty KOLs that are stealing girls hearts. Male travel KOL are also known for their large female followings. Travel blogger @大概是井越 wove romance and travel into a promotional video he made for Guerlain’s perfume campaign hash tagged #爱的印记# (Signed with love). His Weibo post has tracked 6614 reposts, 2029 comments, and 7436 likes. The video has also accumulated 3M views on Miaopai.

The main lesson here is that if your target customers are woman, it might be worth trying to find a male KOL that they follow and trust.

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