Lancome Uses Video Influencer on Miaopai – China Influencer Trends – Episode 2

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Lancome Uses Video Influencer on Miaopai – China Influencer Trends – Episode 2

Welcome to China Influencer Trends, where we use PARKLU’s big data to analyze what’s trending on China’s social media platforms with KOLs and influencers in the areas of fashion, beauty, fitness, food, travel, & more. This week, we will investigate at the viral social media spike that the TV series Ode To Joy is creating for Lancome cosmetics.

The second season of Ode To Joy has gone viral in China recently. Ode To Joy is a drama about the lives of 5 modern metropolitan female. Andy, the successful business elite character, has gained the most attention. Her makeup look has been dubbed the “Andy Look” and has a huge impact on China social media and what Influencers are talking about.

#刘涛教你安迪妆# (Andy Look) has accumulated over 170 million views on Weibo, with more than 80 thousand heated comments.
Lucky for Lancome, Andy’s Look is created using their cosmetics, namely Lancome’s celebrity product Absolute Cushion and 369 lipstick. Someone in Lancome’s marketing department is pretty clever because they have invited KOLs to re-create the Andy Look in video tutorials.
We’ve selected the ones with the highest interaction to investigate. Let’s have a look.

@Beni_江酱’s Andy Look tutorial has done stellar on Miaopai, accumulating over 2.8 million views.
The video has gained a comment by Andy herself! In this video, Beni not just perfectly recreates the “LOOK” using the same BB cushion and lipstick Andy used, she has also promoted another 5 lipsticks for the same lipstick collection  (bravo)

@美谁妹妹‘s video has amassed 1.31M views on Miao pai. Comparing to Beni’s tutorial, 美谁妹妹’s look is more natural and has a summer vibe. She featured the same BB cushion, as well as other Lancome products, namely mascara, and lipsticks.

@赖赖是zoe is a huge fan of Ode To Joy. Her tutorial has accumulated 3.1M views, also featured the 369 lipstick Andy used. What a stellar promotion

Let’s take a look at Lancome’s performance this week. In the last 7 days, 57 influencers mentioned LANCOME in 58 posts generating 2.47M RMB in social media value. The total reach was 30M impressions. There were almost 600K views, 22K likes, 11K reposts and 6K comments accumulated in 58 post! What a beautifully executed collaboration. Bravo!

Our Weekly Tip:

  • Don’t be shy! Steal the spotlight! Do what you can to cross promote with a popular series when trying to generate social media awareness for your brand.

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