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Tmall 3D Home Improvement Shop

Tmall launched its online 3D home improvement shop for Double Eleven, allowing people to visit a virtual furniture store and get home improvement tips.


  • The brand invited 42 KOLs to promote on Weibo, of which 77% have 100K+ followers, and they are across various fields, including fashion, beauty and travel.
  • In order to break the boundaries between their online and offline retail presences, Tmall asked KOL@敢姑娘Chloe, @设计系奶子, etc. to post their image inside the virtual showroom.
  • Tmall collaborated with paper artist @陈粉丸 in Chengdu to present Qianping Wonderland Garden, the offline pop-up store, inviting @少女酱的时尚生活 and other KOLs to the store.
  • This campaign has tracked more than 230M impressions on Weibo via #打开家的百种方法#.
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