Pepsi Osmanthus Flavored Soda

/Pepsi Osmanthus Flavored Soda

Pepsi Osmanthus Flavored Soda

Pepsi launched an Osmanthus flavored soda in China. Osmanthus, also known as Devilwood, is a native plant to China and is traditionally used in teas and baked goods. To promote the Devilwood drink, Pepsi collaborated with a handful of KOLs on Weibo and Douyin. Top-tier F&B Douyin KOL @绵羊料理 received the highest media value after publishing a usually, yet humorous video comparing Chinese Devilwood cakes with the sweet scent of the new cola. The campaign accounted for 14% of Pepsi’s Weibo and Douyin Q2 total media value. The campaign’s Weibo hashtag #桂花味百事可乐# has tracked over 330M impressions.

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