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Guerlain New Year Gift Box

Guerlain featured China spokesperson @杨洋 to promote its New Year limited gift box. @林小宅, @小猪姐姐zz, @钟惠玲Kiko, and other KOLs shared unboxing posts on social media. And on December 28th, Guerlain gave away 1M RMB worth of products at Tencent’s New Year event. @李佳琦Austin was the event host and Guerlain’s official brand partner. Several KOLs, including @美少女Lisa酱 and @造型师淳子, also attended the event. Additionally, Guerlain took six top-tier KOLs @Kakakaoo-, @NicoleJu_, @杨羽凡Fiona, @囤仔, @深夜种草的翠花, and @裤子说香水 on a trip to Kyoto, Japan. The campaign’s Weibo hashtag #缤纷星年 娇颜绽放# tracked over 190M views.

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