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Inspired by Da Vinci’s painted eggs ‍‍, the contact lens brand CoFANCY used the contrast of highlights and shadows to create a “high-gloss 3D stereohigh-gloss”. The brand aims to use the humanistic will of the Renaissance to give girls self-confidence, and awaken the independent consciousness of girls who have the courage to appreciate themselves.

  • The brand invited 111 Douyin, WeChat and Xiaohongshu KOLs.
  • The brand first worked with top-tier KOLs to increase brand awareness and then collaborated with a large number of second-tier KOLs to share their own authentic experiences, gaining more trust from fans and receiving greater brand exposure.
  • During the promotion, CoFANCY invited beauty KOLs who cleverly combined coloured contact lenses with makeup designs, allowing the brand to convey the concept that “coloured contact lenses are part of daily makeup”. This enhanced consumer awareness of how the product can enhance makeup.
  • The campaign has tracked more than 15M impressions on Weibo via #每一次眼里有光,都是高光时刻#


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