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Balenciaga Qixi’s Limited Edition Handbag

Over the years, Balenciaga has attracted a lot of attention from Chinese luxury consumers for its weirdness and non-mainstream aesthetics. Last year, Balenciaga launched an hourglass bag, with the graffiti version going viral becoming one of the most sought after luxury items of 2019.


Balenciaga brought the graffiti hourglass bag back this year. However, the graffiti graphics were replaced with Chinese characters, and the promotional campaign is Y2K inspired. The ad campaign has caused controversy with Chinese netizens, but this has only brought Balenciaga more desirable attention. Many KOLs and media accounts, like @FashionModels, @Chrison克里森, and @吉良先生, have actively participated in heated discussions about the bag’s design and Y2K ad aesthetics. Since the bag’s release on August 10th, the media value generated by KOL posts for Balenciaga has nearly 9x YoY.

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