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Mercedes-Benz Auto Show

Mercedes-Benz held an auto show at the Beijing IOMA Art Centre. A group of KOLs participated in online and in-person promotional activities.


  • The brand invited 31 Xiaohongshu from the fashion and beauty industries.
  • The KOLs participating in the event were asked to take a photo with the Mercedes-Benz logo as the picture and to include copy that tells a story of Mercedes-Benz and the KOLs themselves to emphasize the duality of Mercedes-Benz’s “stunning appearance” and “good performance” brand tags.
  • The KOLs who attended the auto show were all dressed in formal attire, and detailed information regarding the auto show was included in their posts to attract more people to attend.
  • Only about 43% of KOLs managed to surpass their average follower interaction rate for the past three months. Mercedes-Benz still has room for improvement in their KOL selection.
  • The campaign has tracked more than 1.8M impressions on Xiaohongshu via #颜控一起奔驰#.
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