KOL Diaries Vol. 2 | @kaka_lam: Watching the Shows at Fashion Week

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KOL Diaries Vol. 2 | @kaka_lam: Watching the Shows at Fashion Week

【KOL Diaries】

Here you can see how bloggers work,

learn about their lives away from

social media platforms and even gain insight into their private spaces.

Behind those viral videos and stylish photos,

 what are they really like?

Are they as glamorous, fun and free in

their personal lives as they are on social media?


Fashion and lifestyle| @kaka_lam

Place: Shanghai & Guangzhou

Occupation: Full-time Blogger

Previous Occupation: Magazine Model

Active Platforms:Weibo, Wechat Official Account, Xiaohongshu

Annual Income: 2,000,000 RMB


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When kaka_lam was a student, she worked part-time as a fashion magazine model, so she has years of experience with styling and fashion trends.  She is very good at sharing things she like to her social channels. She like sharing high-end lifestyle content about things like makeup, beauty, food, travel and yoga. She slowly began to accumulate a lot of followers, and after she graduated, she became a full-time blogger. Now she is on Weibo, a WeChat official account and Xiaohongshu, with over two million followers cumulatively.



This week will be another week with a packed schedule. Yesterday, at short notice, I agreed to take part in a Shanghai charity activity that required shooting a vlog. I was woken up by the alarm clock again today.
After I got up, I went to the gym and worked out for a half hour. Even if you’re busy you should make a little time to let your body relax.
Had a simple lunch, did my makeup and packed my bags, then immediately set out.
In the evening I will be rushing to Pudong International Airport to fly to the New York Fashion Week, but the event I was going to was near Hongqiao (on the other side of the city). Because of this, I had no choice but to bring two suitcases (bigger than I am!) to the venue. First I dropped my luggage off, then I began shooting the vlog.
With the event over, I hurried off to Shanghai Pudong International Airport to check in and get through security. On the 16-hour flight, I started to organise my material from the event and edit my vlog.


After my 16-hour flight, I hurried to the hotel as soon as we touched down. Coping with awful jetlag, I fell asleep right after I checked in.
Woke up to my alarm clock after three hours. I got up, brushed my teeth and did my makeup. Start of a busy day!
The first show was Peacebird’s. I put together an outfit with the clothes the brand had sent me, had two bites of bread and rushed off to the show. Happy to see more and more Chinese brands making it on the international stage.
Hurried back to the hotel to change clothes in preparation to catch the second half of Australian brand Edgii’s show.
Quickly ate some spaghetti on the way back to the hotel. Changed clothes for a third time at the hotel, for the Tommy Hilfiger show. The show took place in an opera house, a really special choice of venue.
Back at the hotel, I couldn’t sleep – in China time, it was midday – so I started responding to client emails and engaging with my followers. It was probably 2am before I got to sleep.


My jetlag was a little better today. I found a brunch place that (actor) Peng Yuyan also ate in called Jack’s Wife Freda. It was really delicious.
Went back to the hotel to change into the brand’s clothes and do my makeup. Set out for the first show of the day, by i-am-chen. For today’s show I was able to get a backstage pass, thanks to the brand’s trust and love.
Arrived backstage at the i-am-chen show and saw how busy the workers and models were. I really admire the staff at Fashion Week, and suddenly felt my own life wasn’t so hard.
The show started. Chinese designers are really getting more and more excellent! Sunshine, warmth, freedom, colour …
Rushed back to the hotel, ate a couple of pieces of bread and changed into Lily’s clothes, with the Lily show still to come in the evening.
Arrived at the show, and spotted this big bag at first glance when the show started, haha!
With today’s work over, it was time to continue responding to all kinds of emails. I was so thankful even to be able to get to bed by midnight.


Got up in the morning, did my makeup and went downstairs for a burger, full of energy today.
PARKLU helped me arrange a visit to Botkier’s New York showroom, where I also picked out shoes and a bag and discussed a future collaboration.
After choosing shoes and a bag from Botkier, my photographer and I immediately went off to shoot some New York videos.  We started shooting at the gates of Central Park.
Had a simple meal, then took an Uber to Times Square to shoot the neon signs at night. After stopping in a mall to change into some clothes to fit the mood, I started shooting again!
Returned to the hotel, removed my makeup, responded to client emails, interacted with followers and published the vlog I recorded at the event on Monday. Only after all this could I rest.    


Today I would be returning to China, another 16-hour flight. I had to attend a Tiffany event immediately upon arrival in Shanghai.
With the time difference on top of the 16-hour flight, by the time I arrived in Shanghai it was already 3pm the following afternoon. I rushed back to change clothes. The Tiffany event was at 8pm, and was very grand, with many celebrities attending, so I wanted to dress up a little.
Arrived at the Fosun Foundation Art Centre an hour early, and celebrities were already arriving. I made my way into the event, and luckily I got to go in with Aarif Rahman. Now I know so many bloggers from China and overseas. Of course, Tiffany’s 180th anniversary exhibition was really awesome, with so much rare jewellery. What an eye-opening day.
Finally I could take my makeup off and rest. Tomorrow I still have to organise my photos and videos from this week and update my other platforms. 

The Blogger Says

Since I became a full-time blogger, what I like most is being able to get so many new products first, and getting to know so many different brands and so many great people. It’s been eye-opening and I’ve gained so much experience. The happiest thing is being able to get recognition from both brands and my followers.But every job has two sides, and the thing I don’t really like is that once you get more work, there can be a lot of pressure. Everything I do, I want to do it well, but sometimes the time doesn’t allow for that. My heart breaks every time I encounter this kind of situation.Still, since becoming a blogger, I’ve gained so many fans who like me. So I want to do a good job and persist in what I do. I believe fans recognise when a blogger is being authentic and sincere, and of course, this is a key factor in maintaining a relationship with followers. Blogging can be for life, just keep going!

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