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KOL Diaries Vol. 1 | @李Max强: A Model Life

PARKLU new series


Here you can see how bloggers work, learn about their lives away from social media platforms and even gain insight into their private spaces. Behind those viral videos and stylish photos, what are they really like? Are they as glamorous, fun and free in their personal lives as they are on social media?

Fashion Blogger & Model | @李Max强

Place of Residence:Not Fixed

Full-time Job:Model

Active Platforms:Weibo, Instagram, Douyin

Annual Income:50~60w RMB

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 Max is a professional model at Paras Talent Management. When our editor asked him why he originally became a model, he laughed for a moment and replied: “I felt I was tall and I was interested in being a model.” When he took part in the Shanghai International Model Contest, he didn’t expect to win, but this turned out to be the launchpad for his modelling career. Outside of work, he enjoys taking photos to record and share his life, and he’s now hard at work trying to become a “free” fashion blogger.



Upon arrival in Milan, the time difference had upended my body clock, and it was close to noon before I got up for “breakfast.” In passing, I checked my email for an interview confirmation from my management company.

The sunset on the plane


Got organised, showered and picked out an outfit that the brand might like for today’s interview.


Set out for the interview.


Arrived and waited for the interview to start. Today I’m meeting Bottega Veneta. Brands will ask questions to judge whether or not you understand their style and philosophy. After that, they’ll look at your walking style and measurements.


Had dinner then worked out at the gym. My bedtime routine includes a few precautionary measures to make sure I’m in good condition for the next day. 

You mean like not drinking water before going to bed to prevent swelling the next day?

No, my face is never swollen. 




A little more work today than yesterday. Got up early in the morning to try on Armani’s clothes in preparation for the big show in a few days.


Interview times are typically crammed together, or even overlapped, and as soon as Armani’s fitting was over I had to go to interviews with Bally and GCDS.


Between adjusting to the time difference and a whole day of running around, I was really exhausted. As soon as all the work was finished, I went home to sleep.




As before, got up early, showered, ate and chose my clothes, then headed out for interviews.


Interview with Frankie Morello.


Immediately on to the next interview! (In fact, the interview was scheduled to start at 11 o’clock, but fortunately I managed to catch up.)

Metro Station


Another interview. But happily, the interview location was opposite the previous interview.


Today’s work was finally over, and I hadn’t eaten all day. I went to Chinatown, bought some snacks and had dinner. Then I rushed back to the hotel to work out and sleep, in order to be at my best for tomorrow’s big show.

Left: Near Chinatown / Right: In Chinese restaurant



Today was the Emporio Armani 2020 spring and summer show. It started relatively early, and after everyone gathered at 07:00, makeup and rehearsal got noisily underway.

Before Runway


The catwalk officially kicked off.


Went home and rested after the show.



Because of the six-hour time difference between Italy and China, Max had just finished eating breakfast when our editor interviewed him. He told our editor that he had no work today and was preparing to go out with friends for a stroll and to relax.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

The Blogger Says

As a model, I want to talk about what goes on when I’m away from the spotlight. In fact, there’s typically a lot of pressure because this industry is pretty brutal. You have to fight for every opportunity, and hard work alone won’t guarantee that chances will come your way. But you still have to work hard – after all, the minute you stop, the industry might cut you out.

In addition, you have very little time for yourself. Year in, year out, most of your time is spent travelling all over the world, leaving very little time for family and friends. If you work hard, life is quite irregular and late nights are the norm. Needless to say, models who are around 190cm tall basically have to maintain their weight at around 65-70KG (of course, if the brand needs it, you can gain 5-10KG). So you usually have to both diet and exercise.

Do you have any advice to anyone who wants to go into the modeling industry?

Persevere and be yourself. The industry can be brutal, and there are many excellent people, so don’t set your expectations too high. 

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