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KOL Diaries VOL.7 | @Winnie:Takes You On A Trip

2017 Weibo Top Ten Most Influential Verified (“Big V”) Tourism Organizations

2018 Travel Influencer With Greatest Potential

Doesn’t all this sound impressive?

These are just some of the titles earned by our blogger

— @羽晗Winnie!

She frequently appears under the hashtag


 checking in at popular scenic spots

and eateries at home and abroad.

 Let’s see what’s in her diary for the week below.


Travel/F&B/Fashion Blogger



Occupation:Travel industry & Blogging

Platforms:Weibo, WeChat, XHS

Winnie is a street style influencer who loves to share trends and things she loves, and a famous travel blogger who gets beneath the surface of exotic destinations. She’s addicted to the beautiful things in life and is happiest when traveling the world to seek out the most envy-inducing scenery.Winnie once worked for an online travel company, and as she developed her ability to write high-quality promotional copy, she grew its WeChat public account to over 200,000 followers. Later, she followed her personal interests and created her own WeChat public account and Weibo channel for sharing travel content and attracting like-minded followers. This was just the start of her blogging journey.


At dawn, I prepared a cup of flower tea. The flowers rise and fall in the pot like life’s ups and downs. While brewing the tea, I chose a morning yoga routine to wake me up, steady my breathing, and stretch my muscles. I felt happy all over.A fine day must start with a good homemade breakfast. I made a superb smoothie with vitamin C-rich berries and protein-rich milk and then fried myself a soft-boiled egg.

I engaged with a brand I’m cooperating with on a forthcoming collaboration involving a trip to Ireland. Preparing very carefully. I hope to capture Ireland’s best scenery to share with everyone.
Lunchtime. Usually, lunch is my most important meal of the day. Today I prepared roast chicken breast with boiled asparagus, along with a small bowl of brown rice to get the necessary starch, protein, and cellulose.
After having a little rest for an hour, I faced the afternoon’s work full of energy: negotiating with collaborators, finishing scripts, and engaging with followers. After that, I packed my bags.
I ate a relatively small dinner, a light salad is enough. I can occasionally be greedy too, but I can restrain my inner glutton. Your body knows what you have done, and will reward you.
Headed to the gym for a full-body workout. Every time, my workout routine makes me feel energetic. I really like my well-proportioned body and rosy complexion after working up a sweat.
After a rest, I had a bath to cleanse the body and mind. Then I did my facial routine and massage before going to bed.


Rushed to the airport and set out on a beautiful trip to Ireland. The tedium of the airport couldn’t cool my heart’s desire to encounter Ireland. I wouldn’t be landing in Ireland until the next afternoon.
Already on the plane. Without any devices to entertain myself, I chose to read books. After the in-flight meal and between regular breaks, I continued reading. In an environment like this, I can sink my heart into my book, hoping to finish it by the end of such a long flight.


Still on the plane. During this long flight, with my books as my companions, it’s difficult to feel alone.
Finally landed in Dublin, Ireland. My first impressions were of streets bustling with pedestrians and the scent of flowers in the air. Before doing anything else, I rushed to the hotel to drop my luggage off.
In Dublin, foraging is extremely easy, and Irish food always catches my heart. To satiate the taste buds and satisfy my shopping desires, I checked out Dublin’s oldest shopping street. Whether it’s crafts or Irish-inspired clothing, you can find it here.
The inspiration for the library in Hogwarts is at Dublin’s Trinity College. It’s full of books, immersed in a strong intellectual atmosphere, with an air of elegance.
Visited the Teeling Whiskey Distillery and experienced the intense whiskey via the Irish guide’s warm and lively explanation.
The soul of the salad lies in the dressing. Salad in Ireland has really stolen my heart. It’s rare to eat this kind of happiness.
I took a walk on the streets around the hotel and soaked up the beauty of the Emerald Isle.
Went to bed after removing my makeup.


I got up early for a morning run. I really like to assess other countries travel to by experiencing them on foot. Ireland’s green fields were like being in a natural oxygen bar.
Traveled to the site where “Game of Thrones” was filmed. The iconic scenes in “Game of Thrones” are interesting for my followers who are passionate about the show.
We went to The Dark Hedges, one of the most beautiful tree tunnels in the world, and here you can experience what it was like to walk on Kingsroad in the TV show.Later, I learned about the ancient legend behind the Giant’s Causeway, which is made up of 40,000 basalt columns.

For lunch, I ate a delectable meal of perfectly grilled beef Wellington served with chips to provide energy for the afternoon’s itinerary.
On the way to St. George’s Market, I quickly recharged and saved my energy for the afternoon shopping trip. The St. George’s Market is home to countless Irish handicrafts, and I loved them all.
I visited The Naughton Gallery at Queen’s University, where I was blown away by the size of their collection. I really felt a deep connection with the artist when viewing each work of art.
I drove back to the hotel for a shower and then bed.


Followed the tour guide to Belfast, the capital city of Northern Ireland, to see what was once the shipbuilding capital of the world. In the memorial hall, through a variety of interesting exhibitions, I could feel the grandeur of the one-time global hegemon.
Drove to Castle Ward, sampling Irish cuisine along the way.
Castle Ward is the location of Winterfell, the capital of the North in “Game of Thrones” and home to House Stark. I tried on the costumes from “Game of Thrones” to pay tribute to Bran Stark.
Walked slowly along the Shimna River, hiked the Mourne Mountains, and wandered in Tollymore Forest Park, just like the characters in “Game of Thrones.”
After eating, I rushed back to the hotel to rest, since tomorrow I have to catch an early flight and bid farewell to Ireland.


Set off for the airport and said farewell to this beautiful country.
During the long flight, I reviewed and touched up the beautiful photos I took in Ireland and wrote the copy I’ll share with everyone about my glorious trip to Ireland. After that, I went to sleep.


Brought a wonderful trip to a close and returned to normal life.

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Metamorphosis is a painful process,

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From now on, rely on yourself,

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