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Fashion Influencer Marketing Case Studies

1 Fashion Brand New Product Launch Followers​ REACH Reposts,Comments, Likes​ ENGAGEMENT ​ ROI ​WeChat, Weibo, RED KOL Overview / The objective was to promote the new product & increase customer awareness. / Each influencer posted 2 or more content including product shooting &

Fitness Influencer Marketing Case Studies

1 Electronics Accessory Brand New Product Promotion Weibo & WeChat​ REACH Weibo,Wechat ENGAGEMENT Traffic CLICK CNY CPC Overview / The American phone case brand wanted to generate awareness and drive sales for its latest iPhone cases.​ / Nine travel and fitness KOLs

Food Influencer Marketing Case Studies

1 Powdered Food Brand Mass product seeding Weibo, WeChat​ KOLs​ Weibo, WeChat​ Reach​ Weibo,Wechat,Red Post rate​ Overview / A nutritional meal replacement brand, launched in China in August 2018. The brand’s first goal was to develop awareness. / One of the brand’s first

Beauty Influencer Marketing Case Studies

1 Luxury Cosmetics Brand Re-Nutriv Ultra Radiance Makeup KOLs KOLs reach reach high fanbase interaction engagements CNY MEDIA VOLUME Overview / This brand engaged 10 Bilibili KOLs including 5 top-tier, 2 mid-tier and 3 micro in April to launch a series of

Parenting Influencer Marketing Case Studies

1 World-class Online Store Children’s Day Promotion kols Weibo reach Weibo interact​ ENGAGEMENT​ RMB Sales revenue​ Overview / The brand is an online retailer selling nutritional supplements and wellness products, launched a Children's Day campaign to attract new customers and increase sales

Lifestyle & Travel Influencer Case Studies

1 Hotel Booking Website​ Holiday Promotion Weibo, Wechat​ KOL​ Weibo, Wechat REACH​ Traffic CLICKS bookings sales​ Overview / The webside engaged 24 influencers to share their travel plans for Chinese New Year. Influencers ranged from micro to top-tier KOLs on Weibo and

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