Parenting Influencer Marketing Case Studies

/Parenting Influencer Marketing Case Studies

Parenting Influencer Marketing Case Studies


World-class Online Store
Children’s Day Promotion


  • / The brand is an online retailer selling nutritional supplements and wellness products, launched a Children’s Day campaign to attract new customers and increase sales with existing customers.
  • / Engaged 4 mid- to top-tier KOLs to create original videos and posts on Weibo.
  • / Provided 5 top-selling products to KOLs for content creation and included unique discount codes for fans.​

Campaign Insight

  • / The brand’s involvement with more top-tier KOLs and having video content on Weibo during the campaign drove 14x more media value and 22x more engagements compared to the same period before the campaign.​
  • / The combined top-selling product brands gained over 75% increase in media value and extended its audience outreach by 114% during the campaign period thanks to the successful and influential video posts created by the KOLs.​
  • / For high-performing content, additional investment in boosting KOL posts on Weibo with native ads is recommended.​
Stokke Mommy Influencer China Campaign


Premium European Baby Brand
Creative Video Promotion


  • / Northern European premium baby brand that wanted to increase awareness and sales of their Flexi Bath product
  • / Three mommy influencers were selected to create six video posts on Weibo for  11.11 Singles Day campaign. Users were directed to Tmall store
  • / The influencers received a fee and 2,000 RMB in products to give away to their followers to stimulate engagement

Campaign Insight

  • / The cost of the Flexi Bath product is quite high, however, even with a limited cash budget, the brand was able to achieve impressive results
  • / The three mommy influencers were well positioned to reach their target audience, which aided in the success of the campaign.
  • / Video content was the best way to communicate the product’s value. This culminated in a much higher than average media value and ROI
Green Baby micro-KOL marketing campaign


Irish Baby Brand
Product Seeding


  • / Irish multi-brand e-commerce site looking to build awareness and drive sales to WeChat shop
  • / Identified micro-influencers on PARKLU with specific characteristics: mother of two children under age of 5, located in select cities, and willing to engage on commission-basis
  • / No cash budget and full transparency: KOLs receive an array of products and the freedom to give both positive and negative reviews

Campaign Insight

  • / 20% of micro-KOLs generated 80% of sales
  • / Engaging micro-KOLs as for long-term engagement and authenticity
Worldwide Product Seeding Campaigns


Organic Baby Products
Product Seeding


  •  / Organic beauty e-commerce site looking to build awareness of its various brands and seed social media with customer success stories
  • / Targeted and identified micro-influencers on PARKLU to engage beauty, wellness, and mommy/baby KOLs
  • / No cash budget: product gifting only (value of 800 RMB per product)

Campaign Insight

  • / Important to create “echo chambers” by focusing KOL campaigns within specific communities – i.e., engaging too many types of influencers does not break through the social media noise

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