Fashion Influencer Marketing Case Studies

/Fashion Influencer Marketing Case Studies

Fashion Influencer Marketing Case Studies


Brand Soft Launch


  • / Contemporary designer handbag brand looking to engage fashion KOLs to build awareness in China
  • / 7 mid-tier fashion and lifestyle KOLs engaged on Weibo ranging from 3,000 to 10,000 RMB per post

Campaign Insight

  • / Botkier grew its Weibo followers each day 5-10x on the days with KOLs posting content
  • / Amplified the original, on-brand content created by the KOLs — a total of 63 street style and product images — across its own WeChat and Weibo accounts
  • / Links placed in the comments section for a less commercial posting. With a cost-per-click of 42 RMB, CPC was higher than the CPM of Weibo advertising, but the quality of site visits was significantly higher


Watch Brand
New Product Launch


  • / Top fashion influencers from 8 countries, including one from China, were selected for a global ambassador campaign
  • / Brand worked with the influencer to create professionally produced video content

Campaign Insight

  • / Eye-catching “movement” theme for the content and a strong fit between the influencer and brand’s target audience resulted in higher than average click-through rates
  • / Collaborations with professionally generated content give KOLs unique content to share, and in return brands have the rights use for other marketing channels in China and globally


Apparel Retailer


  • / Casual wear brand with over 600 stores in China looking to build brand awareness and grow WeChat following
  • / Four top-tier and seven mid-tier fashion KOLs engaged on WeChat and Weibo with sponsored posts to help promote the brand’s H5 campaign
  • / Campaign featured a top ten Korean celebrity, giveaways of limited edition gifts and promotional codes

Campaign Insight

  • / Compelling content with the right KOLs resulted in attractive follower acquisition cost of <20 RMB per user


Leading Fashion Brand 
New frangrace Launch


  •  / Leading fashion brand promoting fragrance new launch campaign, building awareness and drive sales
  • / 5 top-tier KOLs engaged on WeChat, Weibo and Yizhibo, ranging from 10,000 to 88,000 RMB per post
  • / Lucky draw for free VR experience ticket and fragrance sample with special gift package if purchased in stores

Campaign Insight

  • / Integrated with offline event, provide free VR experience & sample gifting, engagement exclusively high
  • / Top-tier KOL contributes to massive impressions and clicks


Leading Global Jewelry e-Commerce
Jewelry e-Commerce


  • / Leading global jewelry e-commerce site building awareness in China market
  • / 12 KOLs engaged on WeChat and Weibo, with special 10% discount for fans
  • / Mid-tier KOLS selected for this campaign, ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 RMB per post

Campaign Insight

  • / Cost per engagement of 2.4 RMB was 65% lower than Weibo advertising (粉丝通), and more cost effective with smaller KOLs

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