Food Influencer Marketing Case Studies

/Food Influencer Marketing Case Studies

Food Influencer Marketing Case Studies

Wine APP influencer marketing promotion case study


Wine Retailer Brand
Promoting Wine E-commerce APP


  • / Newly launched wine app looking to increase downloads, build awareness and attract WeChat account followers
  • / Engaged 1 professional wine WeChat influencer to educate her followers on how to identify fake wines

Campaign Insight

  • / Highly educational, non-commercial WeChat content, with only a QR code to download the app at the end of the article
  • / By sharing valuable content with consumers, the brand and KOL achieved a much lower than average cost per view compared to typical WeChat campaigns
Purepasta China INfluencer marketing campaign case study


Italian Pasta Brand
Building Brand Awareness


  • / Organic pasta e-commerce business, looking for healthy food KOLs to build up brand awareness and drive traffic
  • / Invited 4 micro-influencers to post on Weibo

Campaign Insight

  • / Campaign budgets  less than 5,000 RMB typically result in a higher cost per engagement
  • / One influencer suggested doing a lucky draw with her fans in order to increase audience interaction, her post’s engagement was 80% higher than any other influencer involved in the campaign
Acorn Food Cooking Influencer case study


International Seafood Brand
Building Brand Awareness


  • / Premium overseas fresh seafood brand looking for food and parenting KOLs to build brand awareness among target customers
  • / Invited 2 mid-tier influencers to post on WeChat

Campaign Insight

  • / Brand engaged KOLs who had distinctive and innovative cooking style to incorporate their products naturally into the recipes
Organika Health food influencers case study


North American Health Food Brand
Building Brand Awareness


  • / A Canadian natural food health brand, was seeking food and sports bloggers in order to promote a protein powder and enhance brand awareness
  • / Invited one Weibo influencer and one a small Xiaohongshu influencer

Campaign Insight

  • / Bloggers initiated fan welfare activities, which greatly increased fan interaction

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