Fitness Influencer Marketing Case Studies

/Fitness Influencer Marketing Case Studies

Fitness Influencer Marketing Case Studies


Electronics Accessory Brand
New Product Promotion


  • / The American phone case brand wanted to generate awareness and drive sales for its latest iPhone cases.​
  • / Nine travel and fitness KOLs were engaged in a cash-sponsored campaign to create 14 posts across Weibo and WeChat. All posts include trackable links to brand’s e-commerce stores.

Campaign Insight

  • / The brand gained 312% increase of engagements during the campaign quarter compared with Q3/2018.​
  • / Micro Weibo influencers despite having a lower outreach 2.9x than Mid-tier Weibo influencers, they generate 3.4x more engagements on average. ​
  • / KOLs held lucky draws to boost engagement and clicks, which ultimately generated over 22,000 clicks to Otterbox’s Tmall store.​
Lululemon Offline Influencer marketing campaign case study


Renowned Canada-based Yoga Brand
Offline Event Promotion


  • / Renowned Canada-based yoga brand looking to pursue organic growth through community engagement and word-of-mouth
  • / Invited 10 mid-tier health and fitness influencers to attend offline yoga community events in BJ and SH showrooms
  • / All influencers were gifted products at the event

Campaign Insight

  • / The brand engaged influencers who were already enthusiastic fans advocates to create authentic content online with the brand’s culture and spirit
  • / Offline events are a great opportunity to build relationships with influencers and provide content inspiration
LG earphone influencer marketing case study


Global Electronics Brand
Product Promotion


  • / Bluetooth Earphone Manufacturer looking to build up brand awareness, find targeted customers, and establish key product identity among them
  • / Bluetooth earphone with price of RMB 1,089

Campaign Insight

  • / 6 Fitness and/or Fashion influencers received products for styling photos and created a series of music-themed personal storylines on Weibo and Nice
  • / Strong campaign theme triggered engagement with influencers’ followers, which helped build strong branding
Hams Shoes Influencer marketing in China case study


Taiwan Sneaker Brand
Building Brand Awareness


  • / New Taiwan sneaker brand looking to build brand awareness, find targeted customers and establish market differentiation
  • / Drove traffic to a Weidian store and official brand e-commerce site
  • / Accessible women and men’s sneakers ranging from 500 – 1,000RMB

Campaign Insight

  • / 2 Sports and Edgy Fashion influencers engaged, both got rewarded cash and gifted best-selling products
  • / High conversion from click-throughs due to distinctive styling and call to action mechanisms
Paintronics sports influencer marketing campaign case study


Domestic Electronics Brand
Building Brand Awareness


  •  / Sports headphones brand looking for sports and lifestyle bloggers that could combine sports, home, and travel
  • / Invited 7 bloggers to post on Weibo, 4 bloggers to post in Nice

Campaign Insight

  • / Invited KOLs to sports fashion event to demonstrate the product’s capabilities
  • / Focused on Weibo and experiments with Nice

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