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A small Australian cosmetics brand succeeded using a long tail China strategy because trust is more important for cosmetics brands than any other besides healthcare. It’s easy to see why major, household-name brands dominate make-up sales. But there is one way smaller, niche brands in China can compete with both Western companies like L’Oreal and established local competitors like Dabao and Pachoin.

PARKLU’s platform allowed them to post instructions for their campaign to let influencers know whom they hoped to reach and how. Within two weeks, 200 influencers opted to participate in the campaign. Red Earth chose to collaborate with 18 in total.

They gifted influencers products and paid 100 to 2,500RMB per post. Responsiveness to fans’ questions and comments was prioritized to convert social media followers into customers. The results:

Long-tail strategy refers to dominating a niche rather than a marketing battlefield with heavy competition. For Australian cosmetics brand Red Earth, that meant targeting consumers who are environmentally-conscious and prefer their style casual.

Read Earth owns a chain of over 1,000 cosmetics and body care stores in 20 countries. It was founded in Australia almost 30 years ago and has 40 stores in China. 

Makeup Brand Gets Nearly a Million Engagements With Zero-Dollar Budget

UK-based cosmetics company Skinchemists recently launched their brand in China with stores on a variety of e-commerce platforms including, Beibei, Vmei, and Heituncun. They planned an extremely cost efficient KOL video campaign to grow in the country’s cutthroat makeup market.

Skinchemists let influencers select products to review and use for video tutorials on Meipai and Youku. Their budget was zero, with the brand instead gifting products ranging from 950RMB to 4,500RMB in value.

Influencers used the products as they saw fit and gave authentic commentary, both positive and negative. While some brands try to micro-manage their image [link], Skinchemists understood authenticity is crucial for beauty brands to build credibility and trust in China. They left the content up to the KOLs.

High-End Skincare Company Leverages Name Cachet With Gifting Campaign

While most larger, established brands pay influencers for sponsored posts, Peter Thomas Roth was able to attract over 270 beauty KOLs within 48 hours of posting a gifting campaign on PARKLU. In the end, they sponsored a few posts under 400RMB but relied mainly on sending influencers their signature gel mask, worth 388RMB.

Peter Thomas Roth aimed to push visually compelling images rather than generate tutorial videos. The campaign made it clear: the former garners significantly more engagement.

Cosmetics Site Mixes Gifting And Cash Payments To Lower CPE

Peach KOKO is a newly-launched Korean cosmetics e-commerce site that wanted to enter the market with a bang. They chose to both gift products and pay KOLs to collaborate to build brand awareness. They sought mid-tier influencers to create video content featuring their brand on Youku, Meipai, and Weibo.

Sponsored posts cost between 400RMB and 1,000RMB, while gifted products were valued at 99RMB. A key insight from Peach Koko’s campaign is that a mixed strategy can reduce cost-per-click — which came to 8RMB — and cost-per-engagement significantly.

Beauty E-commerce Site Leverages KOL Micro-Communities for Product Seeding

Utilizing opinion leadership correctly is crucial for a successful product seeding campaign, which involve sending products to KOLs for free. They then distribute and discuss them among their fan groups.

By monitoring how specific communities react, a brand can figure out how they can break through the social media noise. American Worldwide, a beauty e-commerce site that sells organic products, used PARKLU to identify and target the right beauty, health, and mommy/baby KOLs. Instead of a cash budget, they gifted items worth 800RMB to seven influencers with a goal to raise awareness for their brands.

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