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Create a Campaign Brief

Create campaign brief according to your needs.

Add campaign date, budget and product budget.

Review Campaign Brief

As your campaign brief is created and complete, our accounting team will review your campaign brief with in 24 hours and give you advise for optimisation.

Confirm Influencers

When your campaign brief is reviewed, we will push notifications to most relevant influencers. Most influencer interested will apply to your campaign within 24 hours.

You can directly chat with the influencers who have applied to your campaign.

Pay for the campaigns

When you have confirmed with the influencers needed for the campaign and paid for the 。

Influencers will start to create draft or post when campaign starts.

Campaign Starts

When a campaign starts, influencers will create drafts and submit for your approval. You can directly chat with influencers to track draft progress and give your advice for the update.

When you give the green light to the draft, influencers will publish the post at the scheduled time. And the engagement data will show in the chart in campaign detail page.

Campaign finish

From the start to the end of your campaign, PARKLU will track posts of influencers in every detail, and display in the chart in campaign detail page.

When the campaign finishes, we would appreciate if you can rate the campaign and influencers.

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