How Maybelline Used KOL Marketing | China Influencer Trends | Episode 1

/How Maybelline Used KOL Marketing | China Influencer Trends | Episode 1

How Maybelline Used KOL Marketing | China Influencer Trends | Episode 1

Every week we expose the hottest trends in China’s flourishing influencer marketing ethos. This week we focused on Maybelline’s results with three of China’s hottest beauty KOLs (key opinion leaders). Enjoy!


Hi peeps! Welcome to our new weekly video series: Hot influencer trends. In this weekly series, we select a big data trends from PARKLU influencer platform, and tell what’s cool, interesting, and impacting China social media this week, among areas of fashion, beauty, fitness, food, home designs, and more!

So… this week, we selected a couple Chinese KOLs engaged in marketing campaigns for Maybelline! Take a look at this video posted by Luoxiaokui on Yizhibo, it has accumulated more than 1.5 million views! During the live stream, she went to a Maybelline mall kiosk for a full face makeover. Luo did a superb job of incorporating Maybelline into fun social experience for her followers.

Let’s take a look at another video platform, Meipai. Their app has 160M monthly active users, making it one of the most popular short video and live streaming platforms in China. Debbie, a PARKLU KOL, created a 4-minute makeup removal tutorial for her followers. The video has been watched for 260K times and received 4K likes in just few week!. One reason this video had such high engagement was due to a Maybelline product giveaway for fans who commented. Giveaway for fans that comment is a great way to increase engagement.

However, not every vlogger is doing so well. Vlogger 爱吃炒面的懒羊羊 shared her experiences trying Maybelline’s new products on Youku. The video lasts a whopping 23 minutes. In the video, she shares her experience and opinion about the products. However, even though she has 25k followers on Youku, there were only 353 views.

Last week, 14 PARKLU influencers mentioned Maybelline in 14 posts on different Chinese media platform. Maybelline’s influencer campaigns generated earned media impressions in total 8.8M, with 17K video views, and more than 5.6K likes. The value of this media is calculated to be more than 720k RMB. Not a bad week.

To sum up…

  1. More and more China influencers have a double pillar strategy: using a combination of traditional social networks like Weibo and trendy video platforms like Miao Pai.
  2. A word to the wise. Align your content distribution with where audiences actually are. Maybe Youku isn’t a great place for Maybelline? Remember to choose the right platform and the right vloggers.

We hope this video provided you with some useful insight into China KOL video marketing. If you like this video, please give it a big thumbs up, comment, and most importantly – subscribe! We will be updating this series every Friday, so keep an eye on us! See you next week. Bye!

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    The second season of Ode To Joy has gone viral in China recently. Ode To Joy is a drama about the lives of 5 modern metropolitan female. Andy, the successful business elite character, has gained the most attention. Her makeup look has been dubbed the “Andy Look” and has a huge impact on China social media and what Influencers are talking about.

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