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PARKLU powers your China KOL marketing with data-driven insights. From influencer discovery and monitoring to campaign reporting, our subscription plans provide you with the tools to manage your KOL relationships and create content at scale.






and Tracking

Competitive Insights

Check out what similar brands and competitors are doing on social media in China. Use our algorithm-based tools to measure your campaigns against theirs and stay on top of your game.

Search Our Database

Search our ever-growing database of China’s premier influencers. They cover all major Chinese social media platforms including Weibo, WeChat, Douyin, Little Red Book, and more. Use our search tools to narrow down results by budget, location, gender, industry, and more.

Cutting-Edge Analytics

Track your KOL brand mentions with our data-driven analytics. Need a benchmarking tool? PARKLU’s media value index determines the amount of earned social media content created by Chinese KOLs. Never waste a marketing dollar again.

Tailored Solutions

Our standard subscription includes software to track analytics and manage KOLs, with once-a-month consulting meetings. Want more in-depth services? Our enterprise subscription provides customized analytic reports, greater data-driven tracking, & more frequent consulting services on top of the existing standard subscription features.

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