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Parents & Kids KOL Catalogue Featuring 30 Top China Influencers

The following are excerpts taken from the second edition of theINSIDER KOL Marketing Magazine. theINSIDER KOL Marketing Magazine contains featured articles from some of the top KOLs in China and includes more than 250 China influencer profiles across fashion, beauty, luxury, fitness, travel, child & parent, f&b and foreigners. The Parents & Kids KOL Catalogue contains articles from China’s top influencers and provides access to 30+ mommy, daddy, baby, and kid influencer media kits.

Super Mom KOL Chinese parent influencer

Weini: Supermom KOL

The supermom of Hunan TV talk show Day Day Up, Weini is a mother of four, an author and an actress.

What is your dream job, and how do you see your current career?

Originally, I wanted to be a performer. This was actually what I studied to be. However, I started a family young and became a mother, and that’s why I put all my effort into parenting. I still enjoy the happiness and fulfilment of being a mother a lot. Although it gets very hard and busy at times, I feel that every day of my life is worthwhile.

What made you pursue your KOL career?

I have four kids and I wanted to share my parenting life.

What was your most memorable brand collaboration?

Brand representatives always worry about the pace of hosting and how smooth everything will go. One time, during an early collaboration, one such representative worried that I, as a mom influencer, would not be able to provide a professional opinion. In the end, that first day went unexpectedly well. However, because the director’s script had finished too quickly, we didn’t have enough live-streaming content. So, besides hosting, I also shared a lot of content on the spot as a mommy expert. That was a real eye-opener for everybody.

supermom of Hunan TV talk show Day Day Up, Weini is a mother of four, an author and an actress

What is your secret to gaining popularity?

I am very thorough in everything I do, and I try my best to streamline how I present my daily life, whether it’s through text, pictures or videos.

How do you interact with your fans?

I interact with everyone through daily live-streaming sessions. We chat about parenting, self-care, and health. I take my fans to see a different world and learn something new.

What advice would you give to aspiring bloggers?

Share your content naturally, don’t fake it. I would like to encourage mothers to look at their lives and their kids with a positive outlook, to grow and learn together with them.

Fitness KOL Turned Mommy KOL

Glady: Fitness KOL Turned Mommy KOL

My background is in design, and I previously worked as a UI designer at a fashion app company. Now, I’m a fitness blogger and also run a popular Taobao store for fitness clothing. Also, I’m an expectant mother. Right now, I am eight-and-a-half months pregnant. If you’re reading this, that means my baby has already been born.

Fitness is like getting pregnant. Some people give up after three months, but if you stay patient and keep trying for a bit longer, you will be rewarded by noticing the change in your body.

My fans are mostly girls: university students, single girls who have just started working, and new mothers. I also have a fan group where we share experiences and progress together by exchanging work-out plans and healthy meal ideas.

Sometimes I meet kids who also want to become bloggers. I tell them that first of all they need to lay solid foundations. For instance, if you’re at university, you need to master that knowledge and prepare for the future. If you are strong, you will be ready for what comes your way. Often, if you have just started as a blogger, it is a good idea to keep your day job. Being a blogger is a process of continuous learning and improvement. Bloggers can do a lot to help people if they make their content meaningful rather than full of self-glorification.

I choose to work with brands that fit my positioning as well as those my fans like. In the beginning, I worked with a lot of fitness and healthy lifestyle brands, and also with some companies that make digital products. My fans are also interested in skincare. By choosing to collaborate with the right brands, I can bring a healthy lifestyle to them. Recently, due to my pregnancy, I have worked with maternity and baby industry brands. Products include nutritional supplements for pregnant women and various baby products.

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