Meipai Video Ecommerce Tags: Big Deal for KOL Marketing

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Meipai Video Ecommerce Tags: Big Deal for KOL Marketing

A new type of e-commerce function has been released on Meipai video. It allows users to create product links that pop up in the middle of videos, which are more eye-catching than previous types of product links on the platform.

While the tag link function is currently limited to a select group of KOLs, it has enormous potential for social media marketing in China and will likely roll out to all users in the future.

Meipai huge selling potential

Meipai users have always had the ability to include links in their posts. They can currently add links, not restricted to e-commerce, to the body of the post. Besides product pages, they can direct to other websites or platforms such as Weibo.

links to other websites or platforms such as Weibo

The new product tag link is exciting because it embeds right into the Meipai video itself.  When users watch a video, a tag pops up on the screen.

It only displays for a couple of seconds but can be made to reappear multiple times during the video. This keeps the link from feeling obtrusive.

 video a tag pops up on the video screen with a direct link to the product

When users click through to the product page, the video they are watching will continue playing at the bottom of the screen.

Meipai video to Taobao ecommerce links

Unlike previous types of links, the tag link appears right in the video and is thus much more effective at grabbing attention. Right now, viewers often skip the post text, with product links going unnoticed.

Furthermore, a tag link shows a picture and name of products, whereas regular product links simply appear as “page link”.

In-screen link has the name of the product and a photo whereas links in the post text don’t.

Similar types of on-screen product links have appeared in many live streaming apps such as Taobao Live and Yizhibo, but we have yet to see this function appear on a video platform.

Taobao Live (link in bottom left)

Taobao Live (link in bottom left)

Yizhbo (link in top right)

Yizhbo (link in top right)

Good News for Meipai Video KOLs

We have spoken to some Meipai KOLs and confirmed this new type of product link is currently only available to a handful of top Meipai KOLs. All these KOLs run their own reputable, well-established Taobao stores with high sales volumes and good reviews.

So far the tag links in their videos have only directed to their own stores and not to a third-party brand’s site. Established corporations take note: This is just one indication KOLs are leveraging their fame to create their own brands.

Right now it is hard to tell if Meipai will allow tag links to connect to non-KOL owned stores or if brands will have to sell products through KOL storefronts only.  (The recent cooperation between fashion KOL Gogoboi and Givenchy is one example of the latter kind of e-commerce and social media marketing in China.)

Givenchy x Gogoboi

However, it is highly likely this function will not remain limited to top KOLs and will eventually roll out to more Meipai accounts.

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