KOL Diaries Vol. 5 | @小博博小: A Week For “Slash Youth”

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KOL Diaries Vol. 5 | @小博博小: A Week For “Slash Youth”

【KOL Diaries】

Here you can learn how bloggers work,

learn about their lives away from social media platforms and even gain insight into their private spaces.

Behind those viral videos and stylish photos, what are they really like?

Are they as glamorous, fun and free in their personal lives as they are on social media?

Is the daily life of a blogger just going from place to place, looking, taking photos and editing photos? Is being a KOL simply a young person’s game? In the fifth instalment of KOL Diary, blogger @小博博小 is here to tell you that these are false impressions! Let’s find out how a beautiful working mum balances work and family life with being a side hustle as a KOL!

KOL Diary5 小博博小

Lifestyle Blogger | @小博博小

Place of residence: Shanghai

Occupation: HR director for a US-owned Internet company and blogger

Active platforms: Weibo, WeChat, and Xiaohongshu

 KOL Diary5 小博博小

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As a KOL blogger, blogging for me is not just about bringing in extra income. More importantly, I look at it as something that adds flavor to my life, balancing out my nine-to-five existence in the workplace while enhancing my taste and aesthetics.

Many people have asked me this question: “The KOL market is booming right now, why don’t you give up your day job?”

First, the career of a KOL is very short, and treating it as your goal in life is a risky approach. However, treat it as an experience and it can be both more interesting and exciting.

Secondly, people in my line of work (HR) can really learn and progress rapidly to enrich their lives. You can only share the way you approach life, your philosophy of life, in a better and more healthy way when you have sufficient life experience and capacity for reflection. This is what your followers really want to discuss with you. You are a three-dimensional person, not just a beautiful woman living inside MeituPic. Your followers are more willing to follow your tastes and choices because they identify with you as a person.

In addition, my day job has irregular working hours, so I can still do a good job of managing my time according to the demands I set for myself. Childcare comes first, my day job second, KOL work third. But no matter what I’m doing, I throw myself into the task wholeheartedly and can change gears at will.

KOL Diary5 小博博小



Every day, I spend my morning commute checking my social platforms, then I’ll make a plan in my head for what I need to do that day—a sort of basic to-do list.

KOL Diary5 小博博小


Work, work, work.

KOL Diary5 小博博小


While relaxing over lunch, I check social media off and on to see what’s trending and what’s new.


When everything else is done, I’ll carve out an hour or so late at night to take care of things like responding to comments from fans.



Buried in work. Took advantage of coffee breaks in the pantry to do some work liaising with different organisations and brands and contacting KOLs. The most important task was to read the project and product briefings to determine if the co-operations would be a good fit for me.


Still slammed with work.

KOL Diary5 小博博小


I have a media interview this week at my place. I tidied my apartment, then figured out how much time to set aside to prepare. I need to buy some things in advance and get some materials ready.

Usually, if I have an offline event or a shoot, I’ll coordinate the specific time according to my work calendar. I’m very conscientious about outlining a specific block of time in my calendar in order to ensure I’m well-prepared in advance.



The journalist and videographer came to my house today to have a look at the setting and layout. Because we’ll be live streaming early tomorrow morning rather than recording, many details have to be confirmed and checked over and over again. It’s very complicated and thorough.

KOL Diary5 小博博小 KOL Diary5 小博博小

a corner of the room


Went to the office for a meeting and work.



I got up early in the morning and showered. After washing, my hair is fluffy and soft, so no need for blow-drying. Put on some simple makeup and tidied my home a little, then at 07:30 the journalist and videographer arrived at my place right on time.


The clothes and accessories were all prepared yesterday, like preparing a suit of armour for war. I also wanted to take photos or shoot videos to document the highlights of the process. It’s definitely not OK to be lazy and sloppy with a shoot like this. It may look casual and relaxed, but actually it takes a lot of preparation—the setting, equipment, clothing, scenery and most importantly preparing yourself.

As soon as the journalist arrived, they got down to set up according to the positions and cable arrangements we worked out yesterday. I had to immediately get myself in the right mood. No matter how I was feeling, or how much I had to do later, I had to clear my mind promptly and throw myself completely into the shoot.

KOL Diary5 小博博小

 Photo with CNA journalist


After the half-hour long Livestream interview was over, I reverted to my usual routine and headed to my day job. I find this kind of role-switching balancing act very fulfilling.

PARKLU invited me to be interviewed by CNA on 18 September


At work handling company business. I receive occasional calls from agencies to discuss new products or projects. If I’m not interested or the collaboration isn’t a good fit, I’ll say so directly. If I’m interested I’ll arrange a time for another, more detailed call.


One of the more tedious tasks is coordinating and editing text with brands, which usually involves going back and forth several times. Especially with placing soft ads, which have to be simultaneously difficult for followers to identify yet also highlight the brand’s message and tone. It can be a real headache. I usually do this kind of editing late at night, when I’m less irritable and relatively more efficient.


Today was like any other day, but I received an invitation to a weekend event. It’s a store opening for a perfume brand and I’ll run into a lot of old friends, which should be pretty good.

I usually use the weekend to go out with a photographer to shoot photos or videos with different outfits. I’ll also take photos while enjoying parent-and-child time, or at a get-together with friends.

Parent-and-child time

I’m not keen on big video shoots, I don’t really like the wide apertures and five-star hotel backgrounds, and it’s not my expertise. I prefer more realistic scenes, and I also don’t like Photoshopping my photos, so I’m really efficient with photos. Maybe that’s one reason why my followers like me.

I have a large number of fans who have already been following me for a decade. I’ve always said that we grew up together and we’ll grow old together.

The Blogger Says

I want to offer a few suggestions to the KOLs of the future:

It’s not a healthy thing that young people have suddenly made becoming a KOL a career goal. Firstly you need to build up your experience of life and work, and at the same time retain an open, sharing mindset. When you’re online, post about your areas of expertise and it may only be a matter of time before you become a KOL sought out by brands. This way, you’ll have a better mindset and at the same time, the content you share will be more real.

Many people will ask: If you want to do so many things well, how do you manage your time? Whether or not you have work, it’s all good. Aren’t there people who play Honour of Kings every day? Actually it’s the same thing: While they’re playing games, I’m busy with my work as a KOL. But isn’t it great to be able to to do something you’re interested in and make a little money doing it?

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