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KOL Diaries Vol. 3 | @Taotao: Steping Out of Your Comfort Zone

【KOL Diaries】

Here you can learn how bloggers work,

learn about their lives away from social media platforms,

and even gain insight into their private spaces.

Behind those viral videos and stylish photos,

what are they really like?

Are they as glamorous, fun and free in their personal lives as they are on social media?

After reading about Kaka’s busy life in the third installment of KOL Diary, did you feel like trying to adjust your rhythm a little? Perhaps you decided to take a trip at home or abroad and see some beautiful scenery. In the fourth instalment of KOL Diary, blogger @很多桃 (hereafter referred to as Taotao) wants to take us to several places. There’s not much more to say except let’s go!

KOL Diary4 很多桃 

Fashion & Lifestyle & Beauty Blogger


Place: Shanghai & overseas

Occupation: Vintage shop owner and blogger

Active Platform: Weibo, Wechat, Xiaohongshu

Annual Income: RMB 500,000KOL Diary4 很多桃 Media Kit

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From the fashion industry to new media, and from internet companies to entrepreneurship, Taotao, a Gemini, never slows down, trying out new fields of work and breaking out of her comfort zone over and over again. Because she has been dealing with beautiful things for many years, constantly soaking up inspiration, she has developed her own unique style. In order to share more and better things with her audience, Taotao started her own business and has her own brick and mortar store. She also has her own blog and social media channels where she shares a lot of fashion and beauty content with her followers. This year, she once again decided to try something new – this time with a goal to spend more than half of her time overseas, studying, experiencing life in cities big and small, and to share hidden gems with her audience in China. “I hope that more people fall in love with nature and go out and see the world,” Taotao told us. “This is what I most want to do.”

KOL Diary4 很多桃


Flew to Japan today for work. I have a fear of flying, but I have to travel around the world. I have to simply hope for a safe journey every time.
KOL Diary4 很多桃 on flight
I checked in to the hotel and then adjusted to my new surroundings. I had no work today, so I had time for some shopping.
Shopping was really fun. Even though I spend a lot of time in Japan each year, I can only visit a few shops every time I go. I really need to control myself, but each time I’ll always come away with a bunch of shopping bags.
KOL Diary4 很多桃
Gave my stomach a treat. This Michelin-starred restaurant was really a “must-try”, a once-in-a-lifetime place, and I finally made a reservation. I really wouldn’t have imagined there was such a quiet place in noisy Omotesando. The food was also great, both attractive and delicious.
KOL Diary4 很多桃 restaurant


I got up, got dressed, and went to a coffee shop that I love to visit for a glass of fruit juice. I quit coffee a long time ago, but I still like to go to the cafe and enjoy the scent of the coffee and take in the sunshine.
KOL Diary4 很多桃 cafe
Worked in the showroom.
Switched into show mode. Tokyo has had so many beautiful shows recently, so it’s best to make good use of time! Then back to work and a meeting with a brand.
KOL Diary4 很多桃
I found a small courtyard cafe and sat down until everyone had finished work. This place serves awesome Japanese desserts, and the courtyard is very comfortable. Sitting here watching the sunset and eating dessert was really relaxing.
KOL Diary4 很多桃 dessert


Good morning! Time was very tight today and I had to work all day.
I went to a show and then had two meetings with brands. When I finished up it was almost dark. No time today to eat properly, so I just had a quick bite and rushed out to go see a show.
If you have the chance, I highly recommend everyone go to see the Shiota Chiharu exhibition (at the Tokyo Mori Art Museum in Roppongi – it closed on 27 October).
KOL Diary4 很多桃 shiota chiharu exhibition


I went to shoot in Yokosuka today. I really like this seaside city. I personally feel that Yokosuka is more worthy of a visit than Kamakura and Yokohama. The Yokosuka Art Museum, which is set near a forest with a sea breeze, is really beautiful. The photoshoot here went really smoothly—it was a rainy day, but the sun came out just as the shoot started.
KOL Diary4 很多桃 Yokosuka
Returned to Tokyo on the bullet train.
Flew back to Shanghai. It was already into the early hours when I arrived home, but because I have to go to Wuzhen early tomorrow morning for a shoot, I had to discuss the details of the shoot with the brand and photographer. After I finished with that, I had time to pack my bags, wash and get some rest. 


Took the bullet train to Jiaxing South Station.
I arrived at the Alila Resort in Wuzhen. The hotel is very comfortable and satisfactory.
KOL Diary4 很多桃 Alila Resort
Shoot time. I always feel really happy every time I shoot in such a beautiful environment. In these misty, rainy southern water towns, I can forget all my troubles.
KOL Diary4 很多桃
Discussed post-production and photo editing, then went to Xizha to walk around and eat. Finally the end of a busy week. 

The Blogger Says

Actually, many details related to communication and written work have been omitted from the above itinerary. There’s no shortage of difficulties about being a daily blogger, and when you add my work outside blogging on top of that, it’s really not easy. I can only do my best with my time management. Taking the time to do yoga or meditation is a good way to manage stress. In addition, I always feel that as a blogger, my output must be of high quality and in line with my own style and standards. In this visual era, there is so much photo-based content that you really have to stand out to attract eyeballs.At the same time, brand collaborations require you to demand a lot from yourself. Before each photo shoot, I research the brand thoroughly, consult its official website or carry out other consultations, and then combine that with my personal feelings to complete the project. Although many years of editing experience has made me good at drafting text, I am constantly trying better ways of communicating.This so-called wonderful line of business is not just about data (engagement and like counts), but also about being responsible for yourself, your fans and the brands you work with, in everything you do.
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