What about affiliate links?

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It really depends on the social network and where the traffic is being driven. If for instance, you run a campaign on WeChat, you can only add a link via a QR Code or at the very bottom where users can click “Read More”. And so long as the link does not go to an Alibaba e-commerce site, you’ll generally be ok. However, true affiliate tracking can only be done with a WeChat Mini Program, as you will not be able to track individual users with a cookie in WeChat’s native browser.

Weibo, on the other hand, has more strict link rules. If a link that does not go to an Alibaba e-commerce site is added to any post, the posts “weight” will be negatively impacted and therefore decreases organic reach. Only Taobao and Tmall sales conversions can be affiliate link tracked. 

Adding a link to a post on Meipai will force you to run the campaign through Meipai’s ad network. Meipai’s ad network will charge you 50% to 75% of what you pay the influencer to post the campaign. Weibo also has a similar type of ad network that can only be bypassed if a link is not added, otherwise, there can be a fee up to 100% of what you pay the influencer.