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After registering an account, you can launch a campaign in PARKLU’s Marketplace. Your Marketplace campaign is visible to thousands of influencers at once. Only those influencer interested in your campaign will apply. From this list of interested influencers, you can make your selection for who you would like to work with.

Using PARKLU’s Influence Search Engine you can browse thousands of influencers with ease. Search by keyword, category, size, price, location, demographics and more.

theINSIDER 500 KOL Catalog is a 174-page premium print publication containing featured articles from some of the top KOL marketing experts in China and includes more than 500 KOL profiles across fashion, beauty, fitness, travel, and parenting. Each of the 500 featured KOLs has a scalable QR code linking to an online HTML5 page that provides additional info like bio, brand mention tags, and social media account links. theINSIDER is a physical database designed to streamline KOL research and outreach. To purchase theINSIDER 500 KOL Catalog, please visit our store here.