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Understanding Weibo

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For most people, Weibo influencer marketing costs are a total enigma. This is further compounded by the lack of industry standardisation.

However, after working with thousands of Weibo influencers, we have been able to create a guide that should help you better understand Weibo influencer costs. To learn more about Weibo influencer marketing costs, please read – Weibo and WeChat KOL Marketing Costs

If you’re paying a Wiebo influencer to promote your brand then you should you also pay for Weibo advertising to promote their post. To learn more about Weibo advertising system and advertising strategies, please read – Total Guide to KOL Media Posts & Paid Weibo Advertising

Weibo is often referred to as China’s version of Twitter, and while Weibo might have started out as China’s Twitter in 2009, it has transformed itself into something completely different. To better understand Weibo’s current features, please read – Weibo is NOT China’s Twitter!

 Weibo has many platform specific restrictions that are important to understanding. According to an insider source at Weibo, KOL surveys, and independent testing, there are 10 rules you should consider when working with a Weibo KOL. To learn more about Weibo rules, please read – 10 New Rules for a Weibo KOL

 In the past, Chinese social media platforms had very few requirements when it came to sponsored content. Brands merely needed to connect with the KOL, or the KOL’s agent, to arrange the campaign and set pricing (a process which is confusing enough in and of itself). However, now platforms are inserting themselves in the middle of that process, creating their own KOL agency-type channels which brands and KOLs are required to navigate to publish sponsored content. To learn more about Weibo’s KOL agency Weirenwu, please read – New Chinese Social Media Platforms’ Rules Raise KOL Marketing Costs

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