Understanding WeChat

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For most people, WeChat influencer marketing costs are a total enigma. This is further compounded by the lack of industry standardisation.

However, after working with thousands of WeChat influencers, we have been able to create a guide that should help you better understand WeChat influencer costs. To learn more about WeChat influencer marketing costs, please read – Weibo and WeChat KOL Marketing Costs

WeChat Social Search Optimisation (SSO) is something very few people think about when working with WeChat influencers. However, search on WeChat is on the increase and therefore should be a consideration whenever working with a WeChat influencer. To learn more about WeChat SSO, please read – Wanghong Dominate WeChat Social Search Optimisation

WeChat mini-programs are essentially apps within the WeChat ecosystem. If you have a WeChat mini-program designed for e-commerce transactions, coupons, loyalty programs, travel guides or other, you have a distinct advantage when working with WeChat influencers. To learn more about mini-program influencer campaigns, please read – Wechat Mini-Programs Revolutionise KOL Sales Campaigns