Understanding Meipai

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Meipai is one of the most popular video-focused social media platforms in China. There are platform-specific functions, like in video tag links, that can be utilised when working with influencers to create short-form video content. To learn more about Maipai video tags, please read – Meipai Video E-commerce Tags: Big Deal for KOL Marketing

Meipai is also one of the most popular live streaming platforms in China. There are many general live streaming strategies and tactics that should be considered when planning a Meipai live stream influencer campaign. To learn more about Maipai live streaming strategies and tactics, please read How to Use Live Streaming to Sell on China E-commerce and 3 Must-Use China Live Streaming KOL Campaign Tactics

In the past, Chinese social media platforms had very few requirements when it came to sponsored content. Brands merely needed to connect with the KOL, or the KOL’s agent, to arrange the campaign and set pricing (a process which is confusing enough in and of itself). However, now platforms are inserting themselves in the middle of that process, creating their own KOL agency-type channels which brands and KOLs are required to navigate to publish sponsored content. To learn more about Meipai’s KOL agency MPlan, please read – New Chinese Social Media Platforms’ Rules Raise KOL Marketing Costs