Understanding Live Streaming

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Whether it’s on Taobao or one of the many other China e-commerce and social media platforms, live streaming is the hottest way to sell to Chinese consumers. Live streaming is China’s QVC and if used correctly, it can be even more effective. Do you want to learn the best practices for using live streaming to sell in China? If so, please read – How to Use Live Streaming to Sell on China E-commerce

Ready for a live streaming campaign? The next thing you need to do is pick a live streamer. For a helpful guide to selecting a live streamer, please read – 3 Must-Use China Live Streaming KOL Campaign Tactics

As ad-supported media content declines globally, media companies and brands scramble to find solutions to make up lost profits. Chinese companies have found theirs, and it blurs the line between content and commerce. It’s called retailtainment and live streaming plays a large part. To learn more about live streaming in retailtainment, please read – What is Retailtainment & Why has Amazon fallen behind China?