Understanding Douyin

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Douyin is the most popular sub-15 sec. short video platform in China. Douyin is a Musical.ly copycat that has become popular with Chinese Gen Z mobile users. As the major Chinese social media platforms Weibo and WeChat become saturated and give users declining organic reach while charging increasingly large sums for advertising, brands are starting to turn to platforms like Douyin. To learn more about Douyin, please read – Big Brands Use Douyin to Reach China’s Gen Z Consumers

Douyin just announced an e-commerce linking deal with Taobao. A shopping cart icon has been added to the user interface which content publishers can use to link to product pages on Taobao. To learn more about Douyin to Taobao linking, please read – Douyin Announces E-commerce Linking Taobao

In the past, Chinese social media platforms had very few requirements when it came to sponsored content. Brands merely needed to connect with the KOL, or the KOL’s agent, to arrange the campaign and set pricing (a process which is confusing enough in and of itself). However, now platforms are inserting themselves in the middle of that process, creating their own KOL agency-type channels which brands and KOLs are required to navigate to publish sponsored content. To learn more about Douyin’s KOL agency, please read – New Chinese Social Media Platforms’ Rules Raise KOL Marketing Costs