How Much Does Influencer Marketing Cost?

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Check our KOL Budget Calculator to discover KOL fees and impresses across 11 social media platforms.

Thier is no industry standard for influencer pricing. The rates influencers charge can vary greatly based on the social platform, followers size, season, content requirements, and campaign type. In general, WeChat influencers charge an average of ¥350 CPM (1,000 impressions). WeChat and Weibo influencers are considered the most expensive, influencers on China’s other platforms are generally charge less. Weibo influencers charge an average of ¥75 CPM. To learn more about WeChat and Weibo influencer costs, please read – Weibo and WeChat KOL Marketing Costs

PARKLU provides a variety of pricing options designed to suit your needs. To learn more about PARKLU pricing, please visit our pricing page – PARKLU Pricing