Why should marketers and brands use influencer marketing?

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Brands large and small, new and old, domestic and foreign are turning to influencer marketing in droves. Why is this?

Simply put, traditional media advertising is on the way out; it is not working anywhere near as well as it used to. People are not communicating with each other or consuming content the way they used to. To learn more, please read What is Retailtainment & Why has Amazon fallen behind in China?

With the advent of ad blockers, messenger apps, subscription music platforms, and subscription video platforms it is increasingly difficult for advertisers to get their messages in front of a target audiences. To learn more, please read China Ad Agencies Lose Their Edge to Influencer-Led Creative Studios.

Influencer marketing is subversive. Influencers can bypass existing communication and content distribution advertising systems. 

There are also arguments for authenticity, trust, and niche value propositions that only influencers can provide.