How Should Brands Use Celebrity vs. Influencers?

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This is one area PARKLU draw the line, celebrities are not influencers. This is really just a personal distinction but an important one. 

Celebrities established their popularity offline, commonly for their talent in singing, sports, or acting. 

Influencers established their popularity online, commonly for their expertise or talent which was focused on a specific area of interest and shared via content they created themselves. 

When it comes to advertising, celebrities have broader appeal and therefore are excellent at generating mass awareness. Influencers have more niche influence. But what makes influencers so powerful is that they are often trusted experts and have closer relationships with their followers. 

There are two very different forms of influence taking place when a celebrity singer recommends an olive oil and a foodie influencer recommends that same olive oil. 

Budget is the number one factor that determines the use of celebrities or influencers. Also, the platform can play a large factor. There are very few celebrities on Xiaohongshu, so influencers are really the only option for brands that want to advertise on the platform.