What are Some Advanced Influencer Marketing Tactics?

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Content Creation

Influencer-led creative studios are now directly competing with China ad agencies for brand’s content creation projects. Many influencers’ teams are creating content at the level of most production studios and China ad agencies. Brands should start considering influencer creative studios for high-end content creation. To learn more about influencer lead creative studios, please read – China Ad Agencies Lose Their Edge to Influencer-Led Creative Studios

Product Seeding

It’s a common practice in the influencer marketing industry to send products to an influencer hoping for free publicity. We call this tactic product seeding. When done right, gifting is a great relationship-building tool and can lead to free marketing for your brand. You’re sending a message that you value the influencer by giving them your newest products. To learn more about product seeding, please read – 5 Influencers Share Product Seeding Tactics For Free Marketing

Campaign Brief

The majority of fatal influencer marketing problems happen when brands and influencers don’t communicate clearly via the campaign brief. This is true all over the world, but for Western companies working with Chinese influencers, the stakes are higher due to language barriers, cultural differences, and a unique social media and e-commerce ecosystem in China. To learn campaign brief best practices, please read – Fatal Influencer Marketing Problems Start at the Campaign Brief

Live Streaming

Whether it’s on Taobao or one of the many other China e-commerce and social media platforms, live streaming is the hottest way to sell to Chinese consumers. Live streaming is China’s QVC and if used correctly, it can be even more effective. While the China e-commerce industry is huge, buying things online is often unreliable, due to the prevalence of knock-offs, poor quality items, and fake reviewsLive streaming provides transparency. Chinese consumers can see what products actually look like, rather than just generic photoshopped photos the seller found online (which is an extremely common practice). To learn how to make live streaming campaigns more effective, please read – How to Use Live Streaming to Sell on China E-commerce & 3 Must-Use China Live Streaming KOL Campaign Tactics

O2O Marketing Events

Although e-commerce is booming, brick-and-mortar stores are still extremely relevant in the new retail environment. In fact, many brands are bridging the digital gap by partnering with influencers to drive foot traffic to those stores. Because the online experience plays such a large role in offline purchases, Influencers are still incredibly important to the purchasing journey. Beyond aiding the education and discovery process, there are many ways Influencers can get consumers into the storeTo learn how to drive foot traffic to your store using influencers, please read – How to Use New Retail O2O Marketing with China Influencers