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YSL Night Reboot Resurfacing Serum

YSL Beauty has been cooperating with KOLs from various social media platforms for continuous exposure since May last year to promote their Pure Shots Night Reboot Resurfacing Serum product line.

  • Until now, more than 1500 of the 1600 KOLs participating in this campaign are Xiaohongshu KOLs, 91% of which are long-tail and micro KOLs. This indicates that the brand wants to expand the market through the close follower relationships that micro KOLs possess.
  • KOLs promote the YSL products in two ways: comparing YSL’s new products with the serums of other beauty brands, highlighting YSL’s advantage and making a recommendation. Alternatively, KOLs use the product in their promotional photos, and highlight the efficacy of the product in their copywriting.
  • The campaign has tracked more than 1B impressions on Weibo via # ysl夜皇后精华#.
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