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Panasonic’s Nanoe Technology

Panasonic has launched its new range of inverter air conditioners, inbuilt with its patented air purification system called Nanoe Technology, that claims to remove PM2.

Campaign analysis:

  • The majority of the 22 KOLs that have thus far participated in the promotion campaign is top-tier.
  • Each KOL was assigned a different product to promote, but all KOLs used the same cover art for their videos.
  • The video from @沈韵菲 received the highest fans engagement rate.
  • The top five Douyin KOL posts have contributed more than 30% of the media value for this campaign.
  • The campaign’s Weibo hashtag #纳诺怡净享轻生活# has tracked more than 36.7M impressions.
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